How do i cancel the camplus trial that i was forced to?

this gets so bad, out of control…

i hv a rtsp camera that i thought i could get rid of rtsp by doing a factory reset.

so i did a factory reset, of course nothing happened except that i HAD to agree to 2 week free trial before i could add the camera back, and there is no way to cancel it, online or app.

i already have two on camplus and i don’t want this on camplus, too many videos, but now i had to stuck two weeks.

i have been thinking of buying two more cameras and it seems tht u hv to agree to trial to activate the camera, this is out of limit!

You should be able to cancel the Cam Pluse service here:

yes, it should, but trial is not there

You don’t have to associate the trial with a camera.
In the app, go to Account > Services > Cam Plus and uncheck the camera that is using the trial.


tell me how?

in the second picture, i select other camera, nothing happened

maybe b/z this camera has rtsp firmware?

It seems to be forcing you to use the trial on a camera.
I don’t know why it would be doing this. I’ve seen other people with this issue. I think that a pop-up after setup with an option to use Cam Plus might be a better way to go about this!

That’s it. The RTSP camera’s firmware is too old to be on the Cam Plus list. It looks like the trial isn’t being used.


Good to know!
I don’t use RTSP with my Wyze cameras so I don’t know much about that and it’s accompanying issues/benefits.

that explains why i could not find the trial on

Not sure about that.
You should still be able to activate the trial on one of your other cameras.

problem solved,

i manually flash to get rid of rtsp, now i can unselect


It is a pop up, but you can’t go around it when you’re adding a cam. Sloppy code.