How do a pair the lock to my phone's bluetooth?

I have a Pixel 3 phone. I open bluetooth on my phone and hit Pair new device and see Wyze Lock.
When I click Wyze Lock it quickly flashes Pairing… and nothing else happens. If I press the pair button on the lock itself I get the message Pairing… that quickly flashes and nothing else happens. I have restarted the phone, restarted bluetooth, cursed three times while turning around etc…

OK.,…is your lock working from within the app? Did the setup process proceed normally for you? My experience on my Pixel 3 is that the bluetooth connection is not like a connection to earbuds for example…it is not seemingly persistent because it is a bluetooth low energy connection BLE…and it connects and goes dormant. I have no listings for the connection being alive, yet all works well on the lock. I will say that the unlock process is still not working but may from time to time work if the app is open when I arrive home. In short, don’t worry about not seeing the connection. I think your process should have included spitting too BTW. :slight_smile:

My lock works within the app, auto unlock does not. I read that it needs a bluetooth connection to the lock and it aint got one. It is not paired either, otherwise it would not come up under “Pair new device” no?

Oh and if I try to change certain lock settings I get a message that I need a Bluetooth connection to the lock

Ok…I would start over from scratch…remove the lock from your app, app product & restart the install process…clearly there is a hiccup and will require more turn/curse reps.