How can I disable access to my cameras from a lost cell phone?

I Recently lost a cell phone. How do I prevent access to my camera’s video on that phone. I can see from another device I have, that changing the password on my wyze account does not prevent devices with previously installed versions of wyze app from accessing cameras, even after I changed passwords,

How can I disable access to my cameras from the lost cell phone?

A password change won’t boot another device out of an active session if they are viewing a camera (or basically doing anything else static), but as soon as they actively do anything, like enter a camera or exit one, they will be re-authorized, and drop out to the logon screen. Then they are out forever.

If they aren’t already running an authorized session when the password change occurs, then they won’t even be able to get in, not even with an auto-logon (because it would have the wrong password).

So a password change should be effective. At least it was on my iOS device. My password change on another iOS device didn’t even update the keychain. Apparently you can only do that from a new login. I’d refrain from updating the keychain until you get the phone back, although they should still need another code, fingerprint, or face to get into that.

BTW, if this is an iOS device, then you have other options with the “Find My iPhone” app, like erasing the device, or sending out a “lost, call me” notice. You can also see where the phone is currently located if it is powered on and in range of a cell tower or WiFi it recognizes.

Also you could remotely wipe the phone too…
Then all will be deleted from lost phone

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Find my for iOS contains information on how to do everything even with the phone off.

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Thanks for the responses. My devices are Android. What I have found is that the Wyze app connections that were working before I changed passwords, continue to work after the password is changed. Is it possible that there is an additional password control other than the login for the web site?

I can look at the video from a camera, switch between cameras, everything works. I can force the app out of current memory and it is restored to complete operation if I tap the app’s icon. I think I have to sign out of the app in order to cause it to re-validate the password.

Alas, I turned my mobile data off, so the google “find my phone” is not helping :frowning:

If you have an additional mobile device with Android or iOS (Phone/iPad etc) or borrow a friend or family members you could install the WYZE App temporarily and turn on Two Factor for extra security.

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Hell just change your wyze password

The point of the thread, is that I have changed the wyze password. Previously connected android apps still have access to the video feed of the wyze cameras.

Just in case your keychain is getting updated for all your devices when you change the app, try going to the website and logging on there. Under account you can change your password. Personally, I’d use someone else’s device to make that change to be sure your keychain isn’t updated again, if that is what is happening here.

I had changed the password on by logging on to my PC through a web browser before I ever posted the thread. That was my first reaction. If a keychain is maintained on each client device, the challenge is that I no longer have access to the lost cell phone.

I set the cell phone and tablet up to access the camera’s months ago. The cell phone is lost the tablet I still have. Leaving the tablet settings untouched, it still has access to the camera’s videos even after I changed the password on Something more appears to be needed to remove access from a single lost device.