How to remove camera access from a lost mobile through wyze application

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Today 1st Aug 2018, around 5:15 pm I lost my mobile phone near square one. I have WYZE camera application installed in it. Since camera was indoor one and there is a possibility of breaching my home privacy. I would like to remove wyze camera access from this lost mobile phone. How can I achieve this. Can access to my camera is revoked from this phone. If yes, how. Please help.


For starters, I would unplug the camera - immediately.


If you are going to use that same phone number after you get a new phone You should edit your post and take that number out of the forum .

Just Access your account And change your password and they will no longer have any access to your account or cams, (DO IT NOW) You could also change your email address To a different one.

Report your phone lost, to your provider too

You can also set up an app to find your phone ,so maybe you can recover it Before someone finds it

I concur. Change your Wyze password and passwords for any other apps/services on your phone that might have sensitive info.

You can change your Wyze password by clicking My Account (top right) and then Account Details.

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so if I change Wyze password , will it remove camera access from that phone.

As of now I unplugged the camera…

No, your cameras should still be connected to your account. You will have to log into the Wyze app again on your phone with the new password.

How do i get the camera off their device? Thief linked their app to my camera!

Log into the app and remove the share under the account tab, I would also change your password and turn on 2FA

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That would be great except the have their own account they added my camera too when i was trusting. Wont happen again but don’t want the weirdo watching me.

The camera can only be the main cam on one account, the other one would have to be the one it is shared to, you need to delete the share.

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I ~think~ this might work - Manually reset the cam with the reset button on the bottom, create a new Wyze account with a new Gmail, etc, account, then link the cam to that new account.

Ok I’ll tru that thanks

Trying to understand here. was it a phone with the app that was taken? or a camera that was taken?