Block camera

My phone was stolen and I’m worried whoever has my phone can open my camera app and see the cameras on my house? How can I block or delete access?

Change password.


Do you normally log out of the app when you are done using it ?
If so then the only way they can have access is if they can figure out your email and password .

If you normally stay logged in to your wyze app all the time then they will have access to your cameras , in that case you need to unplug all your cameras right now. , then set up a brand new account with a different email and different password , set up all your cameras on that account same as you did when they were new.


Does Android have a phone retrieval app like “Find my iPhone”? That could potentially help you recover it, or erase it if recovery isn’t possible.


I have a Google account bit the phone was turned off immediately after it was stolen. I called to suspend the service. I’m going to set it up using different email address. Thank u for suggestions

No I don’t normally log out of the app. IM going to do what you said unplug cameras and set up using a different email address. Thank u…I’ve been stressing over this!! I couldn’t figure out how to disable it!!! Cheers


Once you set up your cameras on a new account all of the 12 second event clips on the other (old) account will disappear from there , no one , not even you , will have access to the 12 second event clips after you set your cameras up on a new account

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And, those old Event videos will auto-erase after they are 15 days old, so then, Nobody, will see them.