How am I connected to my V3 cameras with cellular off and wifi blocked?

I was testing my Fios parental controls by blocking my 2 phones(android and ios) from wifi and turning off cellular data. My Nest cameras would not work and youtube and app store could not connect. However, my V3 cams still were connected, and even showed the transfer rate above the screen. All 3 cams at my house worked on both phones. The only cam that didn’t work was the one setup at a different location.
Can anyone explain this?

Were you blocking the phones Wi-Fi signal or their internet signal and but allowing them to connect to Wi-Fi? There are smarter people that can explain why, but when the camera and the phone are connected to the same network they are talking to each other. They’re not talking outside the network.


I guess you can say the phones are still connected to the network, but it says “connected, but no internet”.
I am blocking them from connecting to wifi through my Fios router, and turned off cellular data. Still, my nest cameras don’t work.
How are they still “talking to each other” ?

once the cams have verified their identity to the Wyze servers you begin viewing them solely on LAN. there is nothing talking to or from the Wyze servers anymore. so you are viewing only through the network on your property with no connection to the world past your property. thus the reason you cant view the camera at another location. basically just a direct connect from your phone to the camera. I’m not familiar with nest but it sounds like they dont work like this and thus the reason they are not working during this time.

some see this as a good thing as there is no outside connection to be made and ergo no opportunity ( or less of one if anything ) for anyone to hijack into that connection.


I guess that sounds reasonable. I didn’t know there were apps that could work that way. I guess it’s kind of like how two computers on the same network can see each other without needing internet? Though I’ve never tested it that way.
Thanks for the explanation!

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precisely. you get it now.

it’s no problem at all. glad to help. sometimes just a slight change of wording changes the understanding. and of course Wyze has let the engineers get their articulation into a couple things here and there and confuse people from time to time :wink:

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Yes, your explanation was easy enough to understand for someone with just enough knowledge of networking.

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