House Full of Wyze Products

WYZE seems to have proven unwilling I believe rather than unable to bring us fully into their ecosystem so I’m out while only down a couple thousand $$$ for my foolish dedication and patience with them.

I have a full house set up of cam 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, and 2 WCO, … some new and some used.

I also have a few light bulbs, sensors, three locks (1 new and 2 slightly used), new band, bathroom scale, and a watch, a doorbell cam, yearly security system with equipment. and more !!!

Does someone Want a good deal on the entire package or just some of this stuff?

I’m willing to sell out on WYZE since they sold us Apple HomeKit users out from the start.

Despite the HUGE financial incentive to incorporate us into the WYZE family fold they still are leaving us ever further behind as they rush our promises with the products physical launch date months away.

Software could have been written …
Agreements with Apple signed …
iOS users adding $$$ in sales …

The early days of WYZE where we all were filled with so much excitement, hope, and readiness to purchase as we were ardently proselytizing others away from the insanely overpriced Arlo and equivalent options are long past.

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