Horse Sounds from Wyze Robotic Vacuum

I know this sounds crazy but my Wyze vacuum is making Horse sounds. Usually very early in the morning, like 3 AM. Loud horse sounds. Sometimes in the afternoon around 5 PM. I know it is the vacuum cause it is located where nothing else can make noise. Anyone else hear anything like this. One night I heard sounds like a small doll’s voice. I know this sounds crazy. Hopefully someone else has heard something.

I haven’t experienced this. Do you have any recording of this happening?

No. Would be hard. Totally unsuspecting when it happens. Guess I could put a recording machine there that has a large capacity. Will look into that.

A Wyzecam can record an event when triggered by sounds…

I have an old V2 looking at my vacuum, a carry over from when I first got it and wanted to monitor it’s docking situation. So another camera with a SD card in continuous mode (V3 preferred) should capture anything the vacuum does, sound included (if you have that set to be recorded).

Soooo I woke up around 5am this morning from a sleep when you’re out cold and something woke you up but you can pin it down. I check all my cams and see two events triggered by sound. One at 230am EST and one at 4:48am EST. I review the latter one and hear two distinct noises, then what sounded like an eerie electronic voice. After much review between my girlfriend and I think it says “No entry” or “Low Battery” we cant be 100% sure. The first thing I did when I watched the clip was go in the app and check the vacuum it was in it’s charging spot and “Charging” at 100%. I physically checked the device at it’s dock charger and it was off a little bit but I couldnt tell you that happened overnight. It ran it’s normal cycle last night at 6:30pm and finished around 6:51pm and had been at it’s dock since.

Does anyone know the exact phrases the robot has programmed? Is there a list we can check against or have it do to confirm it’s programmed “phrases” to try and see if that was what it was? Freaked me out a bit so I’d like to figure this out lol.

i’ve uploaded the clip and am curious what others think it sounds like.

Had to download it to get audio. All I hear is a rapping sound followed by a scuffling sound, nothing even close to a voice. It sounded like someone getting a utensil from a drawer.

My vacuums seem to be waking later in the night to finish what they didnt get done in the evening. The sounds in my case are explicable. Isn’t there a way to lockout activity at certain times–such as the middle of the night!?

Yeah the only drawer would be what you’re seeing in the shot as the kitchen is to the left and to the right is the other part of the sectional. The Wyze Vac is right under this shot about 5 ft below the camera which is on a shelf on the wall. It was so bizarre to have it do that noise 2 hours apart. The 2am sound alert/recording had the same sound without the noise after. We’re on the 3rd floor with someone underneath us but in the 4 yrs being here never heard that sound in the apartment before.

Someone downstairs having a late night snack then? (Could also be a dishwasher etc.). I really wouldn’t worry about it all.

Just got my free Wyze cam V3. Going to set it up to capture the sound. When I do I will share it here.

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I heard the two really loud “smacks” and what did sound like a digital voice, possibly power of influence… But I have had some really long and personal conversations with my WRV, and it does not sound like what I heard in your video. Probably plumbing or HVAC.