Strange sounds

camera set up in a barn to monitor my daughters mini horse. Perfect video and notifications, 12 second clips working as they should. The strange thing is that I’m getting a heartbeat like swishing sound when there is no sound present. Very rhythmic like a heartbeat and audible on both my iPhone and iPad so I don’t think it is a problem with my monitoring devices. The camera is in a cold, below 32 degree setting. Could that be the cause? Anyone have any ideas or the same problem? Thanks.

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Before I adopted the WyzeCam as my new approach, I had Canary Security cameras. I didn’t need the air health features and there were some massive connectivity issues that Canary blamed my perfectly functional routers for (3 different routers from 3 manufactures all tested the same malfunction - that’s a camera issue).

Connectivity is spotty with Wyze, but that’s another issue.

What I want to mention is the fact that you can hear the internal fan (or other internals) in every recording. Why not shield the mic? Why such a gross and simple oversight? Is this intentional, another example of cutting corners to take advantage of a small size and fad like obsession with a cute device? I expect more. Sure you are just buying someone else’s enclosure but that doesn’t stop you from making the internals function to high standards.

Any comments good people of Wyze Labs.

There is no fan in the camera

They do claim the V2 cameras will have better sound, we shall see

Not sure what that sound is then. I had a Canary before that was picking up the internal fan. This sound (is on all six cameras) is similar though less pronounced than what I heard on the Canary. If there are no moving parts, then perhaps the mic is picking up some interferance from the internal components. That seems like a much easier fix then had it been a fan.

Airflow from a floor register? My cameras pick this up whenever the furnace comes on.

I ran through all the possibilities. Air handling unit off, still noise. Computer off, still noise. It has to be internal to the camera. I have heard the noise that each possible source does make but in the end, the camera still picks up sound even when everything is completely still and off in the room (and surrounding rooms).

Could the speaker be picking up the WiFi radio signals?

My v1 cams do the same. My guess is that the auto gain control is going high when there is no sound, and the compression is turning random white noise into clumps of audio artifacts.

I found a video on the SD card that was taken at night when there was no sound, used VLC media->convert/save to extract to mp3, then used foobar2000 to play the audio file while the spectrogram was displaying the audio. I will attach screen snip, and the mp3 file.

WyzeCam-noise.mp3 (922 KB)

BuckEye, that’s the sound. Only difference is, I hear it much louder.

I am experiencing similar sounds on a couple of my cameras. Would like to find out how to stop it.

Could one or both of you please attach a short section of video captured with this sound present?

Here is a link

Thanks Jason. Do you hear this sound during live streaming as well as recording? Could you post a screenshot from your phone of the Advanced Settings and Device Info screens for this WyzeCam? Also, what version of the Wyze app are you running and on iOS or Android?

Yes sound is livestream or recording. Also the sound is there regardless of SD recording on/off.

See these images for settings and firmware detail

Thanks for the info. I’ve asked someone from Wyze to take a look at this forum thread.

Editing to correct link after threads were merged. But they are now is semi random order.

has another sample.

If you get your ear right up near the camera, can you hear the noise? Or would you say that it is being generated inside the camera?

I am not where my cameras are. But I am reasonably sure I wouldn’t be able to hear anything. There are no moving parts (other than whatever moves the IR filter), I can definitely hear that when the camera switches from IR to visual or back. And I don’t think there is a relay controlling the LEDs, I would expect them to be switched with a transistor or FET.

My guess is that it is just noise from the circuit (I’m old enough to remember amps that generated quite a bit of hiss even with no input, and I am also old enough that my hearing isn’t as keen as it used to be). I don’t think it is acoustic noise being picked up by the microphone.

I also think it is automatic gain control related, because if there is audio in the background, the “noise” part of the audio gets diminished. But without better controls and access to the cameras, this is all speculation.

We know it is not a fan, since none of the “teardowns” of the Wyze or Xiaofang cameras show any fans.


I don’t have a Wyzecam yet,

If it’s like other cameras I’ve played around with, the audio A/D converter and/or the mic pre-amp circuit is picking up interference from the Wi-Fi circuits.

It might be a tricky fix, as just shielding the mic won’t help.

I suspect the noise is from interference from other wifi signals.

My home device does not have this sound.

The sound is only heard on devices at business location near many other wifi networks.

Most likely not a phone or app firmware issue.


That’s my guess.