Horrible customer service, be aware!

Wanted to warn anyone who is looking to buy from Wyze directly, the product might be decent but the costumer service basically held me as an “hostage” of my own money since I placed the order.

I tried few discount codes and somehow one worked but when I tried the other one (it was for free delivery) it was suppose to be applied at the end of the order and somehow probably it went through without the discount and charged me full price.
Ok then, no worries, I can cancel the order and re order right? Wrong!

I immediately placed a cancel to my order, even twice! To be sure, but since they are backed up and can’t handle this no one got back to me, and the next day I get an email my order has shipped…
So they can’t handle costumer service, but they can easily send the package really quick so you won’t be able to cancel it on time.

The day after they got back to me and said since it was already shipped they can’t cancel or even apply the codes it’s $5 discount… really? You can’t ?!
Even when I provided the codes I have they said no, twice.
Only way is to send it back when I get it,
So I asked again:
“ So instead of me getting it, then sending it back to you then re-ordering it again with the code can’t you just credit me the 15% off? It seems like a no brainer and will save everyone time and money.”

They said no.
Only then I realized I will have to pay for the shipping and there is no return on that or taxes.
So I’ll def have to keep the product, cause the return will cost me more than the discount, this is basically forcing you to be their costumer and keep the product.

This is horrible costumer service, no way to run a business these days.
Very disappointing, lesson learned, should have done better research on your ordering system, no wonder amazon is king, and many other companies realizing being so stingy and not flexible with customers will only cost you your business.

Welcome to the Wyze community!
I’d try using the phone support for Wyze. It’s faster and you get a better response!

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Thank you, it was late at night so doubtful it would have helped, all they need to do is make sure there is an online option to hold or cancel your order and not lock you to it as a one way street, its a flawed system right now.
Either way, too late for me, I am done with this company

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