Home monitoring system question

Hello, I am renting a place but was interested in the new home monitoring coming in March. I was wondering if these devices can easily be moved from house to house for when I move?

Yes. all the sensors, bridge, keypad are wireless, so you can easily move them (well, the bridge plugs in, but doesn’t need any special mounting or that kind of installation). Cameras are also easy to move around since they have a magnetic mount with an adhesive side, so you don’t even have to drill holes to mount them.

The sensors will likely come with a sort of double-sided tape to hold them in place. Something I would recommend doing instead of using the adhesive that comes with the sensors, is to buy some of that 3M Command picture frame mounting velcro stuff. Those allow you to mount and remove sensors easily like you would a picture frame you can then easily move them around later.

I used these:

I just measure them to fit the sensor, cut them to size, then stick them in place. They hold amazingly one the original sensors, and allow me to remove them at will. Sometimes I even switch them to another location temporarily before moving them back in the normal location.

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Thank you, I currently have wyze cams already and they’re awesome and easy to install. Do I need anything for the security system to work? I know some need a landline, and if it makes a difference I live in Canada.

Actually, Wyze’s security system does not use a landline. It’s all internet based. They don’t currently support Canada or anywhere outside the US for the emergency dispatch stuff, unfortunately. Maybe eventually. For now, you’d probably have to set your Wyze security system to practice mode which will allow it to work as normal (siren, alerts, etc), but not have the professional security monitors checking on you when an alarm trips. You would have to do all the calling yourself. At least, that’s how I understand it as they use “Noonlight” security monitoring and they said they don’t do international. But maybe that’s an old post from them. IDK.

So keep in mind that you might have to self-monitor instead.

That is actually what I’m looking to do, just send monitor it. As long as I get alerts and the sensors and alarm works I am a happy camper! I’m just unsure if I can even do that since I’m from Canada.

While I can’t give you any guarantees, I assume it should work fine.

The only hitch I could see is that Wyze could try to require activation through Noonlight and Noonlight could require a valid US address to activate it. If this happens, you could try to use a fake address in the USA.

I would hope that you can activate everything without Noonlight, and just leave it in practice mode.

I’d say you could ask Wyze, but I believe they’ve all been instructed to reply with a script that says Noonlight is required to be able to use these, though that’s not necessarily entirely accurate. The subscription itself is required to have full functionality, but we can put them in practice mode, or cancel the subscription and just use them as sensors like others plan to do.

It’s hard to know how the activation process will work out until they actually ship though.