Home monitoring is wyze watching my dangly parts

Over this past weekend I noticed in the app home monitoring when selected on the little toolbar at the bottom It asks me to set up options for home, for away. Used to just say if I’d like to subscribe to home monitoring. Did they change the services around and now it’s included with cam plus subscriptions I don’t know I do have the unlimited camera package and all my cameras are active 10 of them but I sure and hell don’t want anybody watching my cameras at all ever. End of story no questions asked like give me a break I didn’t ask for the service I don’t want the service I don’t need the service there are cameras in my house and sensitive areas get that crap off of my cameras now. By sensitive I don’t mean any place where my dangly parts may be hanging out on a regular basis but could possibly be hanging out on occasion like if I forgot my towel in my bedroom and I need to come out of the bathroom into my hallway which has a camera. And do we clear If somebody wants to hack my system get a look at my dangly parts they’re going to do that anyway it’s going to happen I fully understand the cameras are in my house nothing is secure anymore. The point is is on a regular basis I don’t need somebody looking at my cameras bottom line and that’s what monitoring does when I click on the services tab it doesn’t suggest I have monitoring it doesn’t say anything about monitoring there’s no option to remove monitoring so I don’t not exactly show what the hell is going on but when I go into the monitoring tab it now shows multiple cameras and a little square grid and tells me to set them up for the different like away, home etc… I mean does this mean that I’m being charged for monitoring somehow? Something I would absolutely never sign up for.

The short answer is NO, you don’t have home monitoring and neither Noonlight nor Wyze are viewing your videos.

Wyze recently revamped the monitoring tab and is going to give access to that tab for people who don’t have HMS to be able to use a new cool viewing system there.

Even if you had HMS, it doesn’t share camera footage at this time.

Even if you had Cam Protect (which is different from Cam Plus) you have to enable the setting to “share” ALARM recordings with Noonlight, and even then the agents only get access to the recorded video that triggered an intrusion alarm while it was armed. They cannot see the live stream and they cannot see the regular events that aren’t related to the intrusion alarm that was triggered while armed.

Other than that, the only way for Wyze to see your video events is if you purposely send them to Wyze to be used to improve their AI.

TLDR; Wyze isn’t watching your videos.