Home and work account fast user switching in App to view home or work cameras

I use Wyze cams to watch my entry and living room and get I get push notifications should my landlord decide to poke around in the middle of the day.

I want to use Wyze cameras to watch my server rooms remotely, and I would like to have a couple co workers also have the Wyze app on their phones to get motion push notifications when someone is in the server room, but I dont want them seeing my living room camera, so I was going to make a work account that we would log into the app with to view work cameras

It would be nice to be able to go into the Wyze app, Account > and click whichever pre-saved account’s cameras I wish to view, without having to log out all the way, and log in with the other account.

I have a feeling though that if I am logged into the work camera account, the app wont give me any push notifications for motion events on my home living room camera since I am logged out of the personal account.



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Hi @squelchtone,

The camera sharing function should satisfy your need. Set all the cameras up on your one account. Have your coworkers create their own separate Wyze accounts. Share the server room cameras from your account to theirs.

They will be able to view the cameras, see event clips and get notifications. But they will not be able to see your home cameras.

More here:


perfect, thank you!

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Similar question, and I agree that sharing might be a good solution, but would notifications from all cameras now be commingled on my phone, or would they be separated?

And if commingled, a second ‘work’ account would keep thinks separate, but some way to easily switch between accounts (or enable fingerprint access on and iPhone) would be very helpful.