Work and home accounts

I have 5 cameras at home. One of them is watching my 3d printer. After talking with my 3d printer team at work, we decided it would be a good idea to look at cameras there too. I originally suggested we go with Wyze cameras to make things easy and cost effective, but Im not sure how to set up the accounts.

Is there a way to have 2 accounts without having to log back in? I plan to set up the work account on our shared group email access so everyone can log in and have full control of the cameras (only 3 of us), but I dont want to have to log out of my home account to log into my work account to see the separate feeds.

Ive searched around and found no real solution to this. If there isnt really a way to do this, we may have to look into different camera set ups as its too much a hassle otherwise.

You should be able to share the work camera with your home account.

Look for the sharing options under device settings (When viewing the live stream, click the gear icon).

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That would somewhat work, but is a bit of a patch rather than a solution. I wouldn’t have access to the SD card on my work camera that way as well as a few other things.

I’ve shared cameras but didn’t realize you can’t access the sd card. If I understand correctly, this is just to monitor a 3d printer. I’m not trying to be difficult but what would you gain with having a sd card in this case?

You’ll know if it’s still working or not from the live stream. I’m assuming if it fails, you’ll intervene and cancel the print? Does knowing when it failed by reviewing the sd footage give you any added benefit?

On the flip side, I believe in separation of work and home where possible, so I wouldn’t want any work related cameras in my Wyze app so that right there would be reason enough for me to look at another solution.

Yes, the main goal would be two fold. For one, to see if its still running, and if it isnt, stop it from wasting material. And two, to see where it failed, and hopefully give us the information as to why.

Right now the plan is to put a camera on each of our 3 printers. But we are expanding quickly, so the solution Im looking for could be implemented on 10+ printers eventually.

gotcha, makes sense.

In that case, if it were me, I would look for something that has a web viewer where you put several of the cameras up at once. I might even look at a cheap multi-channel nvr. Quick look on ebay and I found a few for around $200 with 8 channels, cameras and storage. The quality isn’t going to be the best for surveillance but for your use case, it would be fine. Could even come out the same or less than an equivalent # of wyze cams and sd cards. (8 X ~$25) .

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