HMS Yard Sign

I see that the new HMS Core Starter Kit comes with a number of items, so here are my questions:

  1. When will additional Entry Sensors and Motions Sensors be available for purchase? In addition, what will be the costs (if that info now is available)?

  2. While the HMS Core Starter Kit is supplied with 2 window decals–COME ON, in the middle of a dark night does anyone think would-be intruders would see those–what about looking in to supplying YARD SIGNS that we can put in obvious viewable places in our yards, vis-a-vis ADT and other security companies?

Looking forward to a response before I sign-up (which needs to be done before the end of the day if I am to be able to take advantage of the free HMS Core Starter Kit.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Extra sensors are ALREADY available at time of purchase of the starter kit. Here are the costs for extras:

    I bought 4 extra motion sensors and two 3-packs of contact sensors with my initial order.

  2. There has been no talk of Yard Signs yet, but there are several unofficial Wyze signs available for purchase through Etsy. I imagine several of these sellers will be making new redesigns for the new system too. You can message some of them about it. I’m sure they’ll be happy to make new ones now:
    Wyze sign - Etsy

Personally, I think it is a huge mistake to use a sign or sticker that tells people the specific company you use for security. It advertises exactly how to break into your house without triggering any of the alarms, making the whole system way less secure. If you tell me what system you are using, I pretty much guarantee that after a couple of quick searches online I can know exactly how to enter that unoccupied house without any alarms going off…how to bypass their sensors or cameras, alarms, etc. And after I’ve looked at it once, I could exploit any other house using that system without any effort needed in the future. (I don’t have the inclination to do this, I just know how…I proved it to my brother-in-law recently, showing him how easy it was to bypass the system I quickly researched).

I’m personally much more supportive of general warning signs that there is a security system, but don’t announce a specific company so the person knows the exact weaknesses and exploits. Seriously, get a general security warning sign instead…those are much better deterents

EDIT: UPDATE Wyze has said they will make Yard signs available to add per an email sent out 12/17/2020:



I use signs from a different company and system than what I actually have.

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That’s another great option if the weaknesses are different from the system you actually use. It can cause the malefactor to accidentally set off an alarm they thought they had covered.

In many cases there are security companies that will actually PAY you to put their sign in your yard. We had a guy recently tell us he’d pay us monthly to display his company’s security sign in our front yard with no obligation to have the system at all. That’s a great option. Not just a free sign (but get paid to have one), scare away bad intentions, not actually disclose your system’s weaknesses, etc (in this particular case I had to turn him down because of another priority obligation it would’ve conflicted with…). But what better option is there than getting paid to have exactly the outcome you want anyway, but one much more effective? The other company said the reason he’d pay me for it is because it was basically advertising for them. People would notice it and thus think about them more and their sales would increase, so they’d make a lot more off it than they’d lose from paying me. It was just business…and then I could keep the sign forever too. Win-win for everyone.

And that is the most compelling reason for Wyze to consider including a yard sign…free nonstop, ongoing advertising and more sales from it sticking in people’s minds to consider them. I personally wouldn’t use the sign (unless they were paying me to do so), but it would be really smart of Wyze to do it…what better way to get a bunch of people to provide them with FREE ADVERTISING to all their family, friends, neighbors and random people driving down the road…

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I plan on using my SimpliSafe signs since it will be replaced by HMS.


Update: Wyze has said they will make Yard signs available to add per an email sent out 12/17/2020: