Home Monitoring System HMS - Security Decals Stickers and Yard Signs

I was wondering if you guys can sell additional security stickers by it self as the ones that come with the home monitoring system aren’t enough to cover my whole house,

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Make available to purchase window decals and yard signs with Home Monitoring information, just like all Home Monitoring systems have.


I would like additional as well, and I attempted to reach out to Wyze to become a supplier/distributor for these. I’ll let you know if I hear from them and can produce them for ordering.


I want an outdoor Guarded by Wyze Security sign. Seems like Wyze team would want the free advertising too… Our house sits back from the road so I like to have the stick-in-the-ground type sign at the driveway entrance. I’d prefer anyone with bad intentions decide to not even turn into the driveway.

The yard sign needs to be twice the size of the window decal. It needs to be reflective too, or at least reflective elements.

I agree with being able to purchase additional decals too. Our house has NINE entrances - not a huge house, just lots of ways in. A decal at each entrance is ideal, right?


How about suggesting to update shop with WYSE Yard Sign and Window Security stickers


I have read that it’s a bad idea to advertise which security you have installed in your house. Burglars would then know how to to take out your system. I have a Wyze HMS at my house but I have ADT decals on my house to confuse the SOB’s.


I thought I’d write an update that Wyze wouldn’t approve me offering signs. The dept that eventually replied said they don’t work with 3rd parties and appreciated my interest for future consideration.

Unfortunately, I once thought having the legal disclaimer that we weren’t affiliated (blah, blah, blah), was enough, but then a company which verbally gave me permission sent me a TM infringement legal cease and desist and threatened to sue for a boatload, soooo I’ve become more careful with helping companies without written permission.

As far as stickers/signs go, I was in marketing for 2 security companies, and the data showed signage discourage intruders regardless of company name. Nearly all systems are disabled the same way, but largely, the common criminal intruders aren’t trying to disable anything.

Battery backups on Wyze and internet related equipment prevent this system from no longer working for however long your battery lasts, which is better than the cut the phone and power of older systems.

I wish you had security signs and stickers to place outside your home.

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You could always buy a 5 pack of SimpliSafe stickers for $7.95 in eBay.

Maybe this post can be to encourage Wyze to give me permission.?. I can do aluminum outdoor signs with stakes or mounting, double sided window decals, and business video monitoring signs. It seems desired and beneficial for them to work with someone to do this.


Just a status update:

Good news: the security hub now comes with two good-quality two-sided decals, suitable for affixing inside windows or to surfaces. Insert happy-dance here.

Less good: The Etsy supplier of officially unofficial decals is apparently out of business

Frustrating: There still appears to be no way to order additional decals. I know you don’t want to have people just buy scars stickers and skip the system… but there should at least be a way for registered owners to obtain a few more, either because a window got broken or just because we want to cover more than the two most likely approaches to the property.

Re “are burglars really scared off by decals” – as a part-time locksmith I want to point out that in most areas burglars are the folks who are too incompetent or desperate to hold down a job that pays better and has lower risk. This isn’t a bank heist or Mission Impossible, folks – or if that is what you’re worried about, you might want to think about non-DIY systems.

The single greatest purpose of security systems and locks is to make your place look like more trouble than it’s worth. So yes, unless your local police tell you that there is a group of genuinely professional thieves operating in your area, signage does give you a net increase in security.

Remember that your real goal is not to catch a thief, but to keep them from attacking you in the first place. The actual alarm system is there to deal with those who don’t have sense enough to go bother someone else, and to inform you of their presence so you don’t come face to face with them and cause them to do something even more stupid when they panic. Property loss is what you have insurance for. If you have special items that you can’t bear to replace, secure them at a higher level than your other belongings and/or buy an insurance rider on them.

Perfect security doesn’t exist. Better costs more. Pick your trade-offs. I wouldn’t have bothered trying an alarm system if Wyse hadn’t made the experiment a relatively cheap one.


I was an Alarm Force and then Bell customer for the last 12 years. Last month I cancel my Bell Home monitoring service and signed u with Wyze. Overall I spent more that $1,000 in Wyze products. Bell does not want me to send back any of their equipment including 2 signs and 10 stickers. I don’t have a problem showing Alarmforce security in front of my house on a very busy road and have a Wyze security System inside. My old provider does not have a problem either. This is free advertising for them . My question is why “Wyze” is not offering free stickers and yard signs. It looks like they don’t want more business. I sent a message last week asking for signs and stickers but no reply so far. Big players in the Home Security will give free signs and lots of stickers for free. If you call they will send you more free of charge. I’ve seen posts in this forum for people trying to buy stickers and don’t know where to get them. this is ridiculous.

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I will add the one that came with it doesn’t stick any longer anyhow, so even replacement ones seem to be important for Wyze to consider. Since my emails got nowhere on this, I’ll give physical mail a shot.

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Would love to be able to purchase these, in a smaller-size (clings or stickers)! Also a yard sign! :slight_smile: