Get more Home Monitoring stickers

I have a big house with 6 entries… where is it possible to get more “Protected by Wyze Security” stickers ?


I do not believe you can purchase these separately.

There is a downloadable goodies page. Not the same that come with the HMS system, but this has an older version.

And some on Etsy have made them actual stickers

I don’t have a preference, but, some discourage the use of such stickers as it could give would be bad actors insight to the system you use thus giving those that wish to be bad actors opportunity to look for vulnerabilities rather than being a deterrent.


Well that, and they always look goofy.


Putting up a sticker advertising the brand of security system is not so Wyze :bangbang:

You are letting them know too much, if they research it they will find a simple WiFi Jammer or a WAP on same WiFi name/channel will render the system useless as far as communicating to the monitorng center.

Or they can just kill your internet or power…

Wyze HMS is not really a secure security system without a cellular communicator anyways :rofl:


The dumb criminals will try this because they assume that this is the case. It is not. And they will fail. It is only the case when users unwisely choose to leave their system venerable.

The HMS only works by WiFi if you choose to connect it that way. There is an Ethernet port on the hub for a reason. Use it.

Upon initial install, install the Hub to a cellular hotspot WiFi router, then connect it to the internet via the Ethernet. If the LAN connection fails it will instantly revert to the cellular hotspot.

Place modems, routers, and hub on a dedicated long run UPS. Lock all external power and data access panels. Encase and protect all incoming data and power lines if they aren’t hanging lines at least 12 feet off the ground.

There is no system that will keep out the smart criminals as they all have vulnerabilities. But my experience is that the smart ones don’t see average residences as high value targets when stickers and cams are present. They target the high value flashy residences and businesses that they have already cased and know have weak security.

Studies have shown that a “Protected by” sign reduces the chance of burglary by about 25%. So use a generic one or make up a name and use that. The same studies reveal over a 50% drop in the chance of burglary if visible security cams are present.


I have cameras watching my cameras :eyes: :grin:


Thanks for the input.
I’m going to put some generic “Security System” stickers.


Unless both cameras looks to each other it doesn’t help!

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But all your sensors communicate on WiFi don’t they?

Even with Ethernet to the base if your Internet is down there is no communication. So unless you added battery backup to internet and WiFi the system there is no backup path like cellular.

During a power failure or if breakers are turned off, no security.

No. Sensors are all RF. Not WiFi. That is why you put the modems, routers, and hub on UPS, LAN the Hub, Hotspot backup.

Kill my WiFi, still have LAN
Kill my Internet, WiFi hotspot backup
Kill my power, UPS backup


With 16 outdoor cameras I have overlap, even have one on power meter enclosure.

Cameras are the first line of “cough” security…
All my cameras, internet and WiFi are on a massive battery backup.

Then after the cameras is a UL listed security system with both WiFi & built in cellular (dual path) communications.
The alarm system also has a large backup that will last over 5:days.

I even have a set of magnetic reed switches connected to security system if electric panel is opened, alarm is triggered.

The dirtbag criminals usually turn off power and come back later… They will have a long wait on my setup and the alarm will indicate a power failure and if electric panel was breached.

Being 45 minutes from civilization requires a robust system as law enforcement can take a while to arrive.
Luckily I have great neighbors within range of hearing the 160db siren.

On a false alarm my neighbors showed up to investigate with sidearms in hand, LOL they were disappointed there was no one to get :rofl:

Sorry for the thread drift… Wyze doesn’t sell additional stickers. There is a wishlist topic requesting stickers and yardsigns, but if you’d like additional stickers now you can order via Etsy or Amazon:




Sorry for being a thread drifter …LOL

The OP did consider the advise of not advertising the brand of the security system and said they would go with generic security stickers.

I have security signs and stickers but they are not what I use, they are purposeful misdirection :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Same here. I have a generic yard sign and generic window stickers. Running a primary DIY monitored hardwired system with landline and cellular and using Wyze HMS as a redundant backup.

Just looked that up, 906.8 MHz is the frequency for the sensors.

Does the Wyze HMS have RF jamming detection?

If it does not that should be an update to the firmware.

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Most stores sell generic ‘protected by’ stickers. We have one at every exterior door. Found these at Walmart.

But the cable for my Internet can be easily cut rendering the cams useless.