Online video to show how to use home monitoring system

Can you create a video to show the use & operation for the home security system.

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If you do a Google Video search for Wyze HMS, there are some great how to’s out there.

Additionally, you can search the forum for any questions that you have or you can look at posts that have been tagged #home-monitoring.

Finally, if you don’t find the answers you are looking for, you can also create a new topic post asking your question. There are many HMS users here in the forum that can help.

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I think this video from Dave Crosby pretty much covers it:


Also a bit irrelevant here but when I watched this video I cringed .

First was the v3 , why have a v3 their out in front of your front door where anyone can come up and take it . The outlet is secured but still the cable and device are exposed so anyone can mess with it …

Second was the wyze sticker , I hope no one actually uses the wyze sticker or any security brand sticker.

This will only help intruders out more as all they have to do is look up the wyze home monitoring system to find out that the unit only works with WiFi so if you cut the power off or WiFi then you’ve disabled it .

And you will also note it was magnetically mounted, not screw mounted.

Sometimes it is not always possible to mount cams out of reach, much like the doorbells that are also readily accessible. But, with CamPlus, if someone does decide to mess with it, you already have the evidence in the cloud that shows this.

Studies have proven that residences with security stickers\signs are 25% less likely to be burglarized. Those with cams: 53% less likely.

In a study from the University of North Carolina, 25 percent of burglars said that security signs would deter them from choosing a house. However, signs are a less effective deterrent than security cameras and systems, which would deter 53 percent of burglars.

  1. It does NOT “only work with WiFi” unless you connect it that way. It has an Ethernet LAN port on the back. Use it. That way it is NOT WiFi dependant only Internet Dependant. You will note that when Dave pulled his out from behind the TV, it had 2 cords attached: Power and LAN Ethernet.

  2. Lock your power access panel if it is outdoors (and place a cam monitoring it).

  3. Place your ISP modem, router, and Ethernet connected Hub on a UPS so that it continues full operational capability in any power outage.

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Better is to mount the camera up against the window facing the porch so to not have it outside so no one can mess with it . I have a v3 mounted up against my front porch window inside my house

I believe in security stickers and signs , I have a few of them but this was for placing branded stickers . One can easily look up Wyze home monitoring system and be able to know how to disable it . Sticking ones brand security sticker is not a good protocol. Also the same with camera brand stickers . One can easily shut off power to disable wyze cameras . So this is just so home owners can not give too much info out their , better safe than sorry!

I have security stickers but all are generic . They say “warning property is monitored 24/7 “ or “security cameras in use”

Not sure where you came up the the theory that I am against security signs lol

I didn’t know this , this is good information as I’m about to receive my home monitoring kit soon.

So what is LAN? And what does it do

Is that basically like back hauling the hub to the router ?

Personal preference. But this also removes any possibility to use the IR Night Vision as IR will not traverse the glass panes and the IR emitters will reflect. I also have one cam indoors shooting thru a window, but it is much less effective than my cams mounted outdoors with full functionality.

Home security systems only keep the smart criminals from breaking in. The dumb ones who think they know how to disable it are still going to try… and fail. That is why you have the system. For the dumb ones. Knowing how to “disable it” would assume there is a sure fired way of doing just that every time. There isn’t. As I have posted, there are ways for you to “harden” your home security posture against such basic threats.

Your original post made no distinction between the brand name on the sticker vs just the presence of a sticker.

It is a RJ45 Internet cable (Local Area Network… wired internet) that comes with the unit (correction: might not be included… I might have already had that) to plug directly into a wired LAN port on the router. It removes all WiFi data transmission and routes everything thru the hardwired LAN from the Hub to the Router to the ISP Modem and out thru the Modem’s WAN (Wide Area Network) port to the internet.

Yes personal preference . I just don’t like the idea of having a v3 with cables being out for anyone to mess with it .

I have mine mounted up against my window covering my front porch , I leave the front porch light on so the camera is using the color night vision.

I also have a VDP on my porch . But the v3 camera is recording 24/7 so if I need to review the event I can go back .

My position is that no one should use any brand security sticker for advertising home security . This will help reduce anyone knowing of your brand system so as to not be able to try and figure out how to disable it .

Is it like back hauling ? If the internet goes out , then so does the hub still ?

No. It isn’t like backhauling. Backhauling is a router specific term for a LAN wired connection between sattelite nodes or APs of a WiFi network and the base router. There is no WiFi usage at all. It’s like plugging your laptop, computer or printer into an Ethernet LAN jack. It’s a wired internet LAN\WAN connection. No WiFi.

If the internet connection is lost as a result of an ISP failure or local hardware failure, the connection to the server, Noonlight, and the entire outside world is lost. But the hub will still operate and will still produce a local alarm.

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