Monitoring video data

This article recently appeared on CNN concerning third party monitoring of video data to determine security status of a home. I am interested if Wyze will be addressing this issue?

CNN article link

Not to dismiss the work being done in the security field, but most of these studies are highly academic in nature and demonstrate how something could become a security risk under certain circumstances. In this case the researchers state that they have no knowledge of this being used in the real world.

The “security risk” they describe would be nearly impossible for an average burglar to pull off, since they would need access to either your WiFi network (which is itself far bigger breach of security) or direct access to monitor all outgoing traffic from your internet connection. Both would require a significant amount of tech experience and time investment, so if you’re a high-value target for burglary it might be a concern, but otherwise not so much.

Even if they had access to your WiFi network I believe the traffic from Wyze to AWS is encrypted, which would introduce yet another layer of security to further obfuscate the traffic.


Thank you for your response