Security Cameras Don't Tip Off Burglars

It’s a scaremongering article and I couldn’t bring myself to mirror the clickbait headlines (“Security Cameras Can Tell Burglars When You’re Not Home, Study Shows”).

Might be worth kicking around for discussion though.

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I just read it all and you summed it up in one word… scaremongering. :+1:

You’d have to be a tech-savvy burglar. That implies intelligence. Intelligent burglars case (occupancy patterns) businesses and houses with known big loot. Owners of big loot don’t rely on non-monitored wireless security.


Thanks. And even more basically, someone can case your house by… watching your house! Say, the old fashioned way, or with a dandy new Wyze Outdoor Cam discreetly nailed to a tree. :wink: The whole premise is bogus. (Recent articles about eavesdropping by watching your lightbulbs vibrate are much more valid.)

But you realize this means that before long Wyze and other companies will be deluged by doofuses clamoring to know when they will “randomly inject data into their systems to make it harder for attackers to spot a pattern”. What a waste.

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Amen to that. thumbsup2

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So the burglar has to sit outside my home for days to decipher the data upload pattern with an app that hasn’t been created yet.

“an attacker would require a decent level of technical knowledge to monitor the data themselves, but there is a chance that someone could develop a program that does so”

Then determine if the video upload is from my cameras or my Plex server.
All while not being noticed by me or my neighbours.

Studies have shown that windows are a security risk.
Would-be burglars could work out when you’re not home by looking through them.