Almost Robbed but thanks to my Wyze cam in the Window

here is a link to my brothers youngest who was gonna break in to my garage but noticed a camera in the window.

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So, your brothers kid was gonna break into your garage?

Yes he pulled down his face mask when he seen the camera and pretended to have an earache when he was showed the video

Cameras can certainly be a deterrence, especially to porch pirates. It doesn’t always stop them, but it often does. That’s also the reason I have signs out. I have a long walkway from my driveway and have these signs I got from Amazon plainly visible in the ground by the driveway with a solar light shining on it for night time and the sticker in my porch window. An added benefit is I get less solicitors. One day I saw the Jehovah Witness start walking in the driveway, notice the sign, and turned around and went up the road to the next house.

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Robbed or burglarized? There is a difference.

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Burglarized. sorry i barely graduated hi scool