Window / door sensors- What are they for

So I have purchased sensors for all of my windows and doors, but since they do not “alert” you when one is opened, they are kinda useless. Yeah I get notifications on my phone if a door is opened, but what if I am sleeping? Or not at home when a window is opened? How does this prevent crime other than someone seeing the sensor and maybe deciding not to break in?

It’s not so much that it’s gonna scare the criminal away by seeing the window sensor, but if it’s activated, it gives you some options as opposed to them opening it and you not knowing. A big part of criminals getting away scott free is the element of surprise. If you are alerted, you can then check a camera that you have in that area of the house and possibly do something now. Perhaps, make a phone call to the police or a nearby neighbor. Or if you are in the house, grab something to defend yourself. Knowing what’s happening gives you choices that may help you.

Edit: Just reread what you typed about them not alerting you when they are opened. Do you have notifications turned on in the Wyze app?

Wyze will be the first to tell you none of their products are meant for home security.

The notifications of it opening or closing is the alert. I have mine set up so that if one of my sensors opens between 10pm and 7am, then it will turn on the smart bulbs in the living areas of the house on to 100% brightness, pure white light. It also turns on my bedside lamp via a rule in the app. Additionally, depending on the sensor, it turns on an interior camera and starts to record a clip.

Beyond that, the notification is your alert. Wyze isn’t a home security or alarm system. However, it can help with notifying you if something does open if it shouldn’t.

I was not aware that I could link them to the bulbs like that. Thanks for the tip!

I usually set my phone on DND during the night so as to not get unwanted calls from East Coast customers. So phone alerts/notifications don’t really help. But a couple other people have mentioned having Alexa do a voice alert and also linking the smart bulbs to the alerts. I have set both of those up and it seems like that will work perfectly. Thanks!

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