Home Monitoring Alarm

So, I got off work and went to store, so I got home about 30 mins late. I left my phone in truck chareging while in the store. When I drove up in my driveway and police car pulled up on the street and flashed his badge.

He said, there was an alarm event on my Den Motion (sense v2) and I checked my phone. While in the store, I got the alert, missed the phone call, AND then they called the police. All in all, every thing happend fast “10 mins”. What concerns me is that it was a false alarm.

Doors all locked, no broken glass, no on in my house. Yet, my motion sensor was tripped. What is the technology on these new sensors, PIR? Is it suppose to be tripped by HEAT? Is it heat that is moving? or just a change in temperature.

WYZE home monitoring is all new, so it concerns me that a motion sensor is tripped and no one in my house. Are these new sensors reliable? Will there be more false alarms? Police may start to just ignore my falso alarms. ONE false alarm and my system in only active two months is worrisome.


I’d look to see what might be in the sensor’s field of view that it might have thought was a heat change. Hot window getting some sun? Might put the sensor above the window looking in. Air conditioner vent going cold? That might look like something warm left. If that is it, you might position the sensor like if you had large dogs, low and upside-down, looking up.


I have had 2 false motion sensor triggered while out of town and one door sensor. Police came 2 of 3 times. I set the motion sensor sensitivity to low and now hope fot the best. What really concerns me is the door sensor. How can that be flakey? In all 3 cases they failed afer 3 days of being away. Has anyone run any kind of reliability tests? If i can’t trust a sensor, the alarm is of no use.

I deleted all sensors AND the console from my Wyze account. One by one. Started with the sensors, and then console. Deleted my apps on both phone and iPad. Reinstalled apps. Then starting with the console, I added all things back to account.

Instead of arming away, I am going a week arming home (while I am away) because it was a multiple time a day thing to get a phone call from Noonlight. At least armed away the door sensors will alert me (I have not had a faulty door sensor yet).

So, far, I have not had any alerts of motion in my house since doing this…but the 7 days is not up yet. Hopefully this will solve my problem, However, the keypad that came with my start up kit STILL will not update to the last firmware. Still times out, so its operating on old firmware…

I will not install a Wyze alarm system…I don’t trust their devices on securing my home. I too purchased as a early buyer…All was donated to Goodwill. I use a Ring system in a 2nd home and very happy with its system. Until Wyze gets it’s act together on all there products (look at the issues in the Community)…Wyze needs to Focus on a Core product group to make a name for themselves.

I have a number of Wyze products, including the HMS. I am very happy with the products and how they function. As with all products, there are issues including Ring. I had Ring Camera’s and had multiple issues with the Black video screen. Replaced it a few times and later gave up on Ring. I am sure they have improved over the years, but don’t find a need to switch from Wyze or even my Eufy Cameras.

I do know that there appears to be issues with the current FW release for HMS related to the V1 Conteact Sensors. I believe Wyze is looking into this. I personally have not had any issue with HMS.

I have the system installed but I’ve never taken it out of test mode. Still unsure as to the reliability of the system and won’t take the chance of a false alarms.