Order more entry sensors

Does anyone know how to order extra entry sensors for an existing monitoring system!?

Hello @amcknight_7 and welcome to the community.

The sensors are not being sold as a stand alone product yet, however they plan to after the rollout of HMS. I do not have an ETA when this will happen but I am told it will, currently the only way to get them is to purchase the system.

I was shocked to discover this as well! I wanted to try out the system before ordering more Sensors but I never thought they would be limited to the initial purchase. I went back and looked and I don’t see anywhere on the website or order form that informs you the extra sensors are not available separately?! It seems to me that if you want to impose arbitrary limitations on what hardware is available when, you should clearly spell this out so your loyal customers aren’t blindsided. I am going to have a very difficult time constructing my security system with only 2 entry sensors :frowning:


I agree. I would have ordered more but I wanted to try it out first. This should have been disclosed when I ordered.

Yeh, definitely less than convenient that there is no stock of the sensors available to add / build onto the core kit. Hopefully as Wyze completes and ships out the existing orders that there will be stock in those sensors soon.

But that’s the strange thing… there is stock available if you put it in your initial cart. That’s the part I don’t understand, why not just make those available to everyone?

There is definitely stock. You just can’t add it to your cart. Inadvertently punishing the early adopters who didn’t know they couldn’t order more.

I was coming on to write the same post. Just installed my home security system and I’m one sensor short (forgot that a large front window is actually 2 windows). Really sad that they appear to be punishing early backers since there was no indication additional parts would not be made available for purchase separately.


The extra sensors and motion detectors are not available for sale separately at this time, but hopefully will be available in the near future as soon as the rest of the pre-orders have been fulfilled and shipped. Would definitely be nice if Wyze had some inventory on hand to distribute as stand alone purchases, but no such luck at this current time… Fingers crossed for availability soon!

Foolish of a Company…Focus on a Main Core Product then you can dabble into other products. I will NOT be installing this system until I can have a complete system.

I also am very infuriated with the inability to purchase more sensors. It makes no sense that they will now let people customize their system but the loyal pre-order customers cannot add on their systems.


I think we all feel that frustration!!!

Wyze has been experiencing some issues with availability of certain chips which caused delays in distribution. Hopefully their suppliers will get a handle on it and be able to catch up on production so that there can be more sensors available after all the pre-order kits have been fulfilled.

You can now order additional sensors here:


Yep…Ordered 3 packs of each sensor. Once they are in I can install the Home Monitoring system.

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