HMS Sense Hub and sensors goes offline every 1-2 days

My HMS system is going offline every 1-2 days. Each time I need to reset the Sense Hub, re-do the setup and re-add each sensor. All good for a few days, when suddenly again offline.

iOS Wyze app ver. 2.26.21
Wyze Sense Hub ver. 4.32.7177

My Wyze cameras (3x Cam v3, 1x Cam Pan v1 and 1x Cam v2) are working well, with no issues.

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How is the hub connected to your network? Wifi or Ethernet cord? What have you tried for troubleshooting?

The HUB is connected by an ethernet cord.

What I’ve tried so far:

  1. Reset the hub by pressing the button for 10 sec and after that redo the setup process
  2. Settings->Services->Home Monitoring->Reset Service and again re-done the setup process
  3. Open physically the hub and unplug the battery for a few seconds and setup again

After each of these steps, the HMS worked for a few days only,

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Sounds like you have the hub figured out, what about trying a different ethernet cable? Or a different port on your switch? Or depending on the length of the ethernet cord you’re using you can mount or place your hub in a different location in case it’s getting interference. When your hub goes offline, what do the status lights on the top of it show?

When the status is offline, all 3 status lights are solid white.

So far I’ve changed the network cables and port in the switch. What I will do, will be to move the hub to my 2nd network switch to see how will be.

I’ve moved the Sense Hub on a different switch but again the same pattern, after setup, 1-2 days working and now offline.

Status from LEDs on the hub. all 3 are solid white.

Mine did the same thing, but would work for a few weeks then disconnect and require a full setup. After the third time I just stopped using it,

Yes, it worked somehow OK upon till 1 month ago when started with this behaviour. To do, each every 2 days, a full setup for a security system it’s a major issue and a totally unreliable system.

I hope, soon Wyze will stop releasing so many beta devices and to start fixing and bug-free their main core business.

I am having the same issue. It is getting slightly annoying. I have tried everything that’s been mentioned as well.

My HMS hub and all peripherals were off line. Had I not been adding a motion sensor, I wouldn’t have known it. I assume it would have let me know when I went to arm, but would it have? I’m a little shocked I didn’t get an app notification, email or, preferably, a text.

I can tell you the minute my Honeywell thermostat, Fire TV Recast, etc go offline. I get multiple notifications. And I would consider the HMS one of my most critical systems.

Is there anything I need to do to set ‘HMS offline’ notifications up and running? Or is it already a wishlist list item? I couldn’t find it if so.

While Wyze products are great when you first get them and install, I’ve found them to be extremely UNreliable. They often fall off the network, require resetting, require re-installation, etc. I’ve recommended Wyze products to many people based on my initial experience, and now I’m regretting that. Wyze needs to put CONSIDERABLE effort into making sure their products actually perform AFTER installation. Based on my experience so far, I don’t think they actually care, nor do they want real user feedback. :frowning:


Yes, I think they need to put more effort into fixing all these bugs what community brings to their attention more and more. I’ve searched quite a lot, and very similar behaviour like in my case are mentioned in many forums and FB pages since many weeks/months.

Personally, I’m quite OK and happy with the cameras. For the moment I will stop using HMS, and looking to another direction for my home security system.

Same issue. Support was not helpful at all. Threy told me I can return everything after it was working great for 4 months with home monitoring. They had no idea if/when they would fix it. I’ll wait another week or two and then decide if I’m going to find a new monitoring device/service. Shame.

Add me to the list of people having this problem too. My hub is connected via WiFi and has worked fine up until the past two weeks where the hub goes offline randomly after a few days and requires me to set it up again. Obviously some bug that needs to be fixed and ASAP.

I’m quitting on home security, the product is very problematic. I am getting a refund even after trying it since July and struggling with it. Going with Ring, and so far it’s far more stable.


I went to Ring security as of last week after my Sense Hub went down for the 5th time in a week. I’m glad I did. It’s more money, but SO much better. The sensors are much higher quality and the systems is extremely reliable.

This is a case of “you get what you pay for.”


Yes, this is what I’m looking for also… to move to Ring, with 1st step with my Home Security part. I’ve hoped to have under the same “umbrella” all my home security devices (video, security and access) but seems to be unrealistic looking at how Wyze is more interested in launching more and more products instead to fix issues from their core line products.

My feedback for what I’m using so far:
Cameras - 8/10 satisfied, using them with an overall positive experience
Door lock - 5/10 unsatisfied after 6 months of use. Rollback to August
Home Security - 3/10 totally unsatisfied after 8 months of use. Looking moving to Ring

I totally understand Wyze goal is to offer affordable products, but an unfinished product even at a cheap price is useless.

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I’m almost afraid to post this in fear I’ll jinx myself. But we’ve had zero issues withe all of our Wyze products, except some initial issues with one of the switches and scheduling issues with a plug. Our lock has worked well since installation. Bulbs, plugs and switches - except previously mentioned. Watch, good. Outdoor cam well, better battery life since moving base closer. HMS just fine, just wish I could see status on keypad, and we could assign backup phone call with provider. Sure improvements could be made to other products, hopefully Wyze will implement some community suggested improvements.

I guess I’ll eventually get a lemon, but so far so good.

I felt the same as you, but then all the issues started and it was like an avalanche of crap.

The cameras I think are the most reliable of all their hardware. I occasionally have weird issues where cameras lose network connection for no reason, but not enough where I’ve stopped using them.

The individual sensors for HMS work fine for me, but it’s the garbage sense hub where it all falls apart. Constantly and randomly loses connection, rending all the connected sensors useless. I lost all confidence that I could be away from my home for more than a day or two and know if there was something wrong.

Hopefully yours continues to work well, but unfortunately I feel there’s major issues with the Sense Hub and I just couldn’t sit around and wait for them to fix it (or create a new one and charge me more money to buy yet another piece of hardware).

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