HMS - Random tripping of Alarm during @ Home setting?

Not sure which group, is which anymore ?
“Vacuums n Sprinklers n Doornlocks, oh My !”

I go, way back, to the single product days “Cameras” !

A few times, I have used the keypad to set the @ home feature. I have one motion detector. When I come back and trip it, alarms go off ???

I set the keypad to @ home -
I get the system armed ( check )
No siren after that (check)

But when I re-enter that monitored area (hrs /mins later) it trips.

This has happened 3 times.
This never happened before (sys 6 months old) ?

What’s going on ?

I hate to have those loud alerts. Disturbing folks late at night (neighbors, )

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If you don’t want your motion sensor to trip an alarm response when you have activated “Home” mode… remove your motion sensor from Home mode:

Wyze app Home > Monitoring tab at bottom > Home Monitoring Settings > Home & Away > Home > Edit > Uncheck your motion sensor > Save

If you do want the motion sensor to trip an alarm response when you have activated “Home” mode, but need more time to disarm before an alarm is triggered, adjust your Entry Delay.



I just checked my HMS settings and neither motion detector is checked (1st fl or Basement).

Just riddle me this, why does it not trip an alarm 99% of the time ?

I get removing it, but why does it trip randomly ?

Whenever I have some problems related to my security system, I call our security firm and let them solve all the problems. I don’t want to make a mistake or make things worse. This is why I only let them figure everything out. If the alarm goes off randomly, you could try some of the tips the team told me. First, check if your kids or animals are not in areas where the alarm is turned on. Or buy a pet-friendly motion detector. You may also check if the batteries are not dead. This creates a gap in the security of the house. You can also check the sensors. Maybe they’re incorrectly installed or in a poor location.

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All better now for 8 months.

Now if only the local PD, responds as fast as Noonlight ! :hushed::hushed::confused::confused::persevere::persevere:

Knock on wood, I have yet to really need them !
Last years falsie with them not showing up 90 mins + a total No Show.

Really Shakes my confidence !