Hide camera lens for privacy mode

Please have a “privacy” button and the ability to hide the lens. On foscam the Lens turns in to face it’s housing so there is no way someone can see. This is nice for bedroom cams that you don’t want on all the time, and then it’s easy to verify a hacker isn’t watching.

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We’re you thinking this could be a manual shutter on the cameras? Maybe the Wyze cam Pan can be set to face a curtain position since it can’t face into itself like a Foscam.

…or turn it face down.

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That’s not really practical to invent another product to not record/work. Especially when there are other options already available. For example, you can put the camera’s power on a remote wifi plug so you can automatically turn it off, voice command turn it off/on, turn it on/off via an app, or schedule a time when you want it to turn off or back on.


I would not want the cost of the camera to go up to support this. Perhaps offer a cover as a separate add-on so that the camera cost stays low.

Maybe one of our Etsy members @Epsilon1192 can 3D print a cover…

Created and Posted to my Etsy Shop. Works with V2 and V3, but not Cam Pan.


Blue painter’s tape. Black magic marker. Paper hole punch (or scissors and steady hands.)

But you should buy @epsilon1192 's cover. Way cooler. :+1:

We used electrical tape at the shop to cover ABS, Check Engine, and airbag dash warning lights. Works every time and they didn’t come back. :sunglasses:

That or an ice pick.

So half… and full… measures. :wink:

Would be fun to leave the picks embedded - but for this: