Camera Lens Cover / Cap

Id like there to be a camera lens cover to place over my Wyze pan camera so when its nots being used, I can ensure it cant be used by a third party. Id like to be able to cover the camera lens with like a cap, similar to what is used for actual cameras.

just keep the box and place that over the camera when you don’t want it to be used. to include a lens cap the entire body of the camera would have to be modified which is highly unlikely

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Right because that isn’t tacky or ridiculous at all. The point of having a camera for security purposes is that is isnt obvious or sticks out. I believe I can 3D print a lens cap thatll fit in the space around the wyze pan camera. Theres no reason why one cant be made by the company. Though a camera cozy or hat that covers the lens would be nifty but if I could do that Id be on Etsy.

Wouldn’t covering the lens defeat the security purpose?

I don’t need security when I am home. If I wanted something to spy on me I’d buy an Alexa or Google home.

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I know, I was being sarcastic, but if the cameras are hidden wouldn’t removing the cap give away its location just as much as covering it with the box. If it was me (I am assuming you don’t trust just telling it to not record), I would put a smart plug on it and just cut power to it.

There’s an idea, a smart plug. Well I’ve hidden them in plane sight. I bought these cameras to supervise my dog as she does not handle being alone well. Its just a secondary benefit that it provides security. Im gonna print my own lens caps and post them when I get the chance I feel it’s quite doable.