Auto Privacy When Not In Use Option (Wyze Cam Pan v3)

Since there’s a privacy mode function, the camera should go on privacy whenever it’s not being actively watched in the app. Having to press a button or schedule for privacy is nice, but just waking up the camera from privacy mode whenever its being watched seems like a much better approach for somewhere like a kid’s nursery.

That would completely ruin event recording, and motion tracking capability.


Agreed. This would have to be an optional toggle for “Auto Privacy Mode” that a user would have to select if it fit their particular use case. I don’t watch my cams. My cams watch my property… 24\7.

Well, I never suggested it would be mandatory. It would be an elective toggle that could be enabled where the pros of privacy outweigh the need for motion alerts.

To be fair, you did place “option” in the Topic Title. I picked up on that :+1:. And, I can see a use case for some users who just want to use the cam for a live view monitor for the example use case you mentioned and want assured of privacy when it is not being viewed. This would work well for that purpose.

Perhaps an edit to your original post to say:

And… I forgot to welcome you to the Wyze User Community Forum! :raising_hand_man: Glad to have you aboard!

Thanks Slab. I just saw the first reply after seeing yours, so it was more a response to that. I could see you were reading it along the lines I implied :blush:

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Aaghh, put a sock in it. Wait, that sounded better in my head. I meant, drop a sock or a cover over the camera or flip a piece of cloth over the lens. There, that’s better. :slight_smile: