Cam Pan V3 and Privacy Mode

I just bought a new Cam Pan V3 and in the main screen on the app I turn it on it activates as it should. The issue is when click on that camera, it shows that it’s set for Privacy Mode when It’s clearly moved into view mode and will activate notifcations. I can’t see the camera live though until I turn off that Privacy Mode though.

My question is, isn’t the privacy mode supposed mean that the camera is no longer actively viewing or recording anything? If so, why is it always turned on when I turn the camera on in the main screen, yet the camera itself is not in Privacy Mode?

So damn confusing…

Privacy Mode is the special name for “Off” just for the PanV3 since it moves into a special position blocking the cam FOV to show that it is off.

When you turn on the cam via the On\Off toggle in the device list, it should be also toggling off the Privacy Mode setting within the Live View and repositioning the cam lens to point at the FOV. Likewise, turning it Off via the Home Device List should set it to Privacy Mode and reposition the cam.

It sounds like there is some settings\commands and status feedback latency between your app, server, and the cam. The app isn’t getting real time up to date status reports back from the cam thru the server. It powers on and moves into active position, however the app thinks it is still in Privacy Mode (off).

When you toggle it on via the Home Device list toggles, does the On button turn green? Is there any change to the app UI like a momentary reload or blinking? If you wait a bit with the green On showing, then open the cam, is Privacy Mode still on? If you leave the cam off in the device list, open the cam, toggle Privacy Mode off, let the cam live stream load, and then return to the home device list, does the cam show as On? What app version and firmware version are you running?


Yes that was what I was expecting to happen. Though when I toggle it “on” and the privacy is still showing that it’s “on” and walk into the room, the camera is clearing active and not in the resting position. It also notified me on my tests that there was detection (which of course it was me checking on it).

I will try and testing that latency out then and see if that’s just the issue. Seems like that might be the most likely issue.

Yes the ON button is always a solid green when I toggle it from the main menu. I just got the camera yesterday and updated to the newest firmware.

Ok just did what you suggested and wait a little bit and yes, the Privacy Mode icon does turn off after a few more seconds than I had used of waiting. So that was the issue. Thanks for helping me with this camera. I have two v2 cameras, but they didn’t have this new Privacy mode at all to them so thanks for explaining exaclty what that means…