Why does my Cam Pan v3 reposition after being put in Privacy Mode?

Very often (but not always), my Cam Pan v3 will: when turned off/Privacy Mode, immediately does assume the “privacy” position. But a short time later, will reposition itself - possibly to one of the waypoint positions? This is disconcerting to my wife, who has asked for privacy. The camera still registers as “off” in the app when trying to view the video feed, but I have to turn it on and back off in order to reset to the privacy position. Is this a known issue with a fix coming in an update?

I have never had this happen, next time it does could you get a device log in the cams settings > Wyze support, and post the number here



I have seen this and reported it to Wyze. I can assure you that Privacy mode is still active.

Question, do you have Motion Tracking turned on?

Also, the latest Pan V3 Beta Firmware has corrected the issue. When in privacy mode, the camera will remain pointing down.


I can try. Usually what happens is I turn the camera off, observe that it has in fact turned off, and then some time later notice that the camera is back in an “active” position (but still turned off WRT video). But if I can catch it in the act, I’ll snag the device log.


Good news, thanks. I can wait for the Beta to become a release.

I do have Motion Tracking turned on for this camera. But still, the camera would have to “unfold” from the privacy position in order to see anything moving?


You are correct. It has to do with motion tracking and setting privacy. Even though the camera repositions, it is still in privacy mode.

In any event, testing the latest firmwares shows it has been corrected.


Sounds like the issue has already been addressed, but since you asked… I captured (I think) an instance of what I’m describing and submitted a log very soon after. The ID number is 933911 .

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I have the same problem as you have. Report and did everything the customer service advised, such as turned on/ off, unplugged, reset motor settings. The problem is still there, I really don’t like the way camera is shutting off and positioning is hiding. But suddenly sometimes turns on itself. One time 2 nights ago, it turns on itself and heard the weird sound as someone talked .