Pan Cam V3 loosing center/home when in Privacy mode

I have had this Pan v3 camera since launch. Ever since I have had it configured in the exact same way: monitor/scan 3 waypoints at night and stay in privacy mode rest of the day. I had never had an issue with this as the camera will come online, scan the waypoints and then go offline/privacy mode back in its home position (will call it 0 degrees home)

After the last FW update I noticed the camera went into privacy mode way off center, first started being around ~45 degrees and this morning came to see it off by 90 degrees. What I also noticed is that if I reset the camera with the Wyze app, it will correctly go back to 0 degrees and function properly from that point forward.
Below is an image of the camera as I found it this morning. Notice the arm holding the camera position

Here is the result after the reset via app, going back to 0 degrees / target orientation

Something tells me there’s a FW bug somewhere that loses track of home given that the reset function allows it to automatically find its 0 degree orientation on its own. Any ideas or has someone seen this before?