Best Small Cheap Thumb Drive? sells 90000000 lumen flashlights, 800000 watt solar panels, 6000 mAh 18650 batteries, and 2 TB flash drives. Apparently truth in advertising does not apply to sellers outside the US.

On a whim, I bought some 18650 batteries from wish that were obviously fake. There is no 18650 battery made that is larger than 3600 mAh. The cells from are rated 6000 mAh but my Opus tester showed they had a fraction of that, maybe 400 mAh. Most of the off brand 18650 batteries are from disassembled laptop batteries that have been resleeved. UltraFire gets a lot of bad rap but if you buy the batteries from a reputable seller you will get the real deal.



Savoy Brown - Raw Sienna

Though I think this was first:

Ida Presti - Alexandre Lagoya
Music for the Classic Guitar

Truly ungettable (and now unfindable in my vinyl pile which isn’t large.)

A husband/wife duo, makes me glad to be alive. :-) 

Marella - Suite #1 D Major - Gigue

Husband/wife guitar ‘duet’.

You have to watch the hands to really appreciate the performance.



Very healthy looking hands.


Lol, never mind. I hadn’t looked for 15-20 years. Now web-gettable for less than a genuine 4 GB :+1: drive, it seems (plus big shipping.)

A curator I am not. :slight_smile:

This makes me excited to find another one from the same era: a full album of solo classical violin by a single artist, an absolute monster (no idea what his name is.)

Introduced to me by a teenage bunk-buddy * (she was studying classical guitar) but the last time I asked her about it she didn’t even remember it, life is funny…

 * We were both teens, get your mind out of the gutter… :slight_smile:

This is my favorite. Bought it (what else) fifteen years ago, no longer available, of course. Old-timey stylish and subtle. $12.


They look nice stickin’ out the whatsit on your thingamabob. Short and blunt so safe for faces in a car crash if your old auto CD player is a dash-mounted digital-combo…

That’s where I use 'em. And in a Sony CD/MP3 boombox that still kicks quite lively.

One reason there are no knobs on dashboards anymore is because in an accident, radio knobs have been found inside the deceased’s head from the impact.

So, the car is what killed them.

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TomG, you are a rascal. Look what you made me do. :wink:

Publicizing Interior Hazards

In the 1930s, the continuing high rate of automobile-related fatalities prompted safety advocates to seek explanations other than driver error. Physicians, inventors, and journalists noted that in an accident the driver and passengers always collided with the metal dashboard, steering wheel, windshield, or doors, resulting in serious or even fatal injuries. Dashboard knobs, door handles, radio grilles, steering columns, and other fixtures were knife-like projections that could impale or lacerate motorists.

Years ago I found an X-ray of someone’s head showing a radio knob imbedded about 2” in. Naturally, I couldn’t find it again.

Then there are idiots like this.

Ok until the airbag goes off and those crystals are missiles aimed for your head.


Thought I lost my Wyze thumb drive in bed last night and wound up…

Throwin' off the covers!

Little Feat - Willin' sung by Lowell George Live 1977. HQ Video. - YouTube

Linda Ronstadt - Willin' - Live 1976 - YouTube

Linda Ronstadt - Tumbling Dice (FM) - YouTube

Mick Taylor

The Rolling Stones - Tumbling Dice | Montreux (1972) - YouTube

image The S.O. was little amused.

They had CD’s back then? Don’t you mean Cassette? Or possibly 8 track Cartridge?

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It’s not nice to make fun of old people.

It’s not fun to make nice with old people.

Basically, old people have a peculiar smell which spoils most everything. :slight_smile:

First tape - 4-track cartridge - Turtles - Happy Together - paper boy - 4 am - stuffing & banding.

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I B 1

1976- 45: Moonlight Feels Right \ Lash LaRue - Starbuck!

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The idea was to bring 'em to justice rather than kill 'em. -Lash LaRue

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Whippersnapper…my sister had a 4 track tape player in her 1972 Opel GT. Not sure if it was 2 stereo tracks or 4 monaural tracks.

Open frame too, similar to reel-to-reel tape decks. Head and capstan were visible.
Ran that car so hard that I barely made it home. Chugging, blowing black smoke, stalling at stops. Parked it in front of the house, went to bed, and planned on dealing with the fallout the next day.
Sis woke up before me and went to the store, came home, and didn’t say anything about it. To this day, as a retired journeyman ASE Certified Master Technician, I have no idea what happened. I was driving it like Bob Bondourant. My guess is the ignition coil got hot and ignition was breaking down.
My other sister had a MG Midget. Stick shift only option. She went through 3 clutches in 1 year. I tried to teach her how to use the clutch, but if she was not coordinated enough to grasp it.


Opel Kadette. Check. Brother-in-law. Crashed it into our garage on the first day. Scary guy. No clutch sense at all.

I once went to rescue a family member stalled on the freeway. Memory serves this: pulled the dipstick. nothing but rust.

Is that even possible? Memory serves me being much taller at one time, too. :grin:

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Don’t know if that’s possible but many, many years ago I worked with a guy who never changed the oil in his car. Checked the level only and added a quart when it was down that far. Claimed he did it that way because it burned oil faster than it wore out. Don’t know what he did about the filter. He also never washed the car other than to keep the windows clean so he could see.

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:joy: Poet?

No, computer programmer - and a very good chess player.

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Interesting! My untidy poet friend, too… :chess_pawn:

A foot or two more and it woulda been me takin’ this foto.

I was very charming and handsome.