Best Small Cheap Thumb Drive?

…to use like old people :older_man::older_woman: once did to pass out ‘diskettes?’  image

Designed specifically to share :fireworks: Wyze Cam Plus™ Event videos, if possible - but that may be a stretch at bulk prices. :wink:

What, like a couple gig for 25¢ ea when you buy a hunnert? Eh?

Thanks!   image

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I don’t think you going to get anywhere near that price unless it’s absolute junk or counterfeit, and even then it may not be possible. I had a similar need (quite) a few years ago and the best price I could find was about $2/each for either 1 or 2 GB (probably 1GB but I don’t remember).

Edit: Quick search on Amazon came up with this (I’ve never heard of the brand so take that for what it’s worth) (2GB is $235):


Thanks RT

Yeah, Wyze has warped my sense of value, 25¢ is quite the underbid.

$2 per would work (looks like that may fetch up to 4 GB in bulk) and hoping to find that odd :duck: who found recently some ‘brand’ that turned out swell re quality. :slight_smile:

Not .25. No Name Brands. But lots of storage

here is a pack of 6 8GB for 12.99

or these 16GB 10 pack

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I LOVE you guys stripping all the nonsense off the links, you’re my peeps! :slight_smile:

OK, here’s my use case, this is so ‘retro’ (or pathetic) it must be conveyed.

I have a music mix CD (80 min) that I made fifteen years ago that is particularly evocative of my experience during a particularly expressive period of my life. It’s kind of eclectic.

I owe some relatives I don’t know well a physical letter each and I think a shorter letter, some small local artifacts and this CD would be nice.

I still have a CD player. Does anyone else? Can’t count on it, I’ve found. And so…

…the :+1: :-1:


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I love, it. I have a CD Player and a record player… :slight_smile: My son recently took my record player for a bit.

Pretty ingenious thought. So size is not a huge issue then, you can get away with a gig or two per Flash Drive then. Correct?

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Correct. :slight_smile:

How about these

Still looking for Cheaper… :slight_smile:

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Still have CD and DVD players. Recently finished a multi-year (part-time) project to digitize ALL my vinyl and mag tape so no longer have any tape decks or turntables. Need to start working on getting my VHS stuff digitized.


No worries, man, I’ll probably go with a 10 or 20 pak, I just liked the idea of having a hunnert like a ream of paper you could pull off of forever… :slight_smile:

Did a very little bit of that with a turntable, a pre-ampy thing, and Audacity freeware. Did you slice 'em up into tracks (I expect so)? Yikes. There didn’t seem to be a good way of automating that accurately. So I didn’t. :slight_smile:

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There isn’t, that’s why it was a multi-year project. :grimacing:

The VHS stuff is going to be even worse, but at least there’s not as much of it. Not too bad getting it digitized but doing the DVD authoring is a tedious process. :zzz:

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lol, in-freakin-deed

Look on ebay we bought s few 1TB from China took 45 days to get them but it was cheap ,$18.99 each we bought 10

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K, did the math, you realize that is 1000 GB?? Pretty sure that’s illegal for home use in the US.

‘Postal inspectors’ approach peep at home: “Sir, we’ve determined that you sent a 1 TB drive containing 80 MB data to a person who appears to be your cousin. Anything to say about that?”

peep: “kae4560.”


~2¢ per GB? …SMH

What are you talking about? We bought them on ebay

Just over-the-top joking, no worries. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Those 1 TB drives for less than $19 are extremely likely to be faking their capacity. Have you actually tried writing anything close to that amount (e.g., 900 GB) and then reading it back?

You might want to check this out:

Our service technicians use them every day,and there true too size…our service technicians found them om alibaba is what I was told

eBay link to specific item or?

This is all that I know …Our service technicians use them every day,and there true too size…our service technicians found them om alibaba is what I was told