Here's the problem with thesebtype of companies

So you test the cameras. You like them. They can save video with no fees. You spend $1000 around hardware investiment…

THEN the company changes the rules and you can no longer save videos without a fee. ALL your hardware is worthless.

Any company that can change the rules and make your hardware useless is not a good system to depend upon. Also DIY does not apply to these companies.

That’s not true. They will give you guilt about it but you can select “Lite” for $0.

$1,000? How many $20-$50 cameras did you buy??

I have 24 cameras, of which 16 we’re V2’s replaced with now V3’s so I spent well over $1000 on Wyze Cams…

But you’re special. :wink:

Yes I ride the short bus, but what’s that got to do with it?:rofl:

Does that make “I got 83 cameras in 18 places” KAE**** extra special…:thinking:

I believe Mr & Mrs K have passed 90 now…

I don’t think I said “Cameras”. I said "Hardware investment’. They sell a lot more than just cameras. I bought:

  1. 7 Cameras the V3 model
  2. Lights for cameras
  3. 1 PTZ
  4. 1 Basic Kit (Hub, 2door sensor, motion sensor, keypad)
  5. 1 Extra Keypad
  6. 8 Motion sensors
  7. 10 Door/Window switches
  8. 1 Doorbell camera
  9. 1 Deadbolt lock
  10. 2 smart light switches
  11. 4 smart plugs
  12. 1 Outdoor smart plug
  13. And various other accessories (I’m sure I left something out. Got a little of everything).
  14. And I still have stuff to buy. I wan’t redundancy. I will have camera, door/window, and motion sensors in every room, but the bathrooms. And that’s just in one house.

But I guess my general point is whatever I buy on day 1, should ALWAYS include what was available when I made the commitment. A company should not be allowed (or it’s not good professionalism), to change their rules and make my equipment useless for the reason I purchased it.

The bar is set high for Wyze: I have an older wifi system that has been up 10+ years an it’s never failed. Haven’t had to deal with rule changes, glitches, etc. My cameras have been online for every minute of that time. I haven’t had to switch plans, make changes, buy different equipment. It runs like a timex (older folks will know what that refers to). The only reason I’m switching is I can’t buy those older cameras any longer. And from what I’ve seen with Wyze, is the video quality is superior and the low light is awesome.

Here is another issue: Camera plan, is all about storage. If I don’t need storage (but I concede it’s a good thing), why should I be forced to have it, to get all the hardware features of the camera? So, if I have 7-10 cameras, I have to pay $20/mo, just to get features. As far as I know (and I could be wrong) motion detection is done in the camera (or app). Why do I need cloud storage, to be able to record “events” locally.

Also, in my view DIY means a certain autonomy of the builder, to create his own system. DIY doesn’t mean “just installing what the seller sells”.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the hardware. But I’ve only had it a month, and already having to make changes, due to rule changes. What if Wyze just turns off the lights and starts another venture. Does all our equipment become boat anchors?

I myself would not buy anything from Wyze that is non-camera, their cameras are what got my interest and that is the only product Wyze makes that I will use.

And that is only the pan-cams and V2/V3 cameras.

The outdoor battery powered camera and their doorbell cams I would not own, far too many issues :bangbang:


You don’t. If you do not want CamPlus Lite you can still record to the SD cards in your cameras. All that shows up in events is a still image of what (maybe) triggered the motion detection on the camera. You can use that to jump to the event on the card.

Well THEN, that’s not the same as EVENT recording.

I do NOT want to record endlessly and continuously. I want to record only the events that cause the motion detection. When I go to the app and try to select EVENT, it won’t let me. And a still image is not a recording. Why does cloud storage required, to record EVENT video locally? That’s the issue.

Continuous recording wipes out most chances of catching some video of a break in. How long does it take to fill up a memory card, with continuous video vs. only video of motion detection? This is really an academic question, since we haven’t had a break in in my neighborhood in over 40 years.

I have not found any issues with my hub, door sensors, or motion sensors. So far, everything I have tested seems to work as advertised. But I’m only in test mode for a month, before I give up on my existing older system. The only thing I have found an issue with is my motion sensors keep detecting my small dogs. On my older system, I could place my motion sensors at a certain height, and dogs could pass under without detection. It would be nice, since they have pet detection, if they had a LOGIC case where you could do something like: Detection but NOT pet. :slight_smile:

I have tried various placement heights and even flipped my sensor, but they still set it off. But I have confidence I’ll find a solution to that.

Change your settings for the SD Card to events only, not continuous.

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Turn the motion sensors upside down and they won’t detect pets. The information is in the setup guide.

Did you not see this, in the next sentence?

"When I go to the app and try to select EVENT, it won’t let me. "

I tried that already and it only lets me select Continuous.

Are you intentionally ignoring what I post? :slight_smile: I said I already tried that.

The problem is, a stair case is not parallel to the floor. They might pass under at one point but trip it higher up on the stairs. If I knew the precise angle (which is likely not well defined), I could maybe make the detection edge, parallel the stairs.

I appreciate the suggestions.

You didn’t mention anything about a staircase…and yes, that makes it nearly impossible unless you maybe put one at the top and one at the bottom and play with sensitivity.

Please post a screenshot of what you see…and where.

Screenshot of what? If you mean the one like you posted above, mine is the same. I have subscriptions for everything, so mine actually works. It was the case of not having a subscription, and losing camera capabilities that i was talking about.

I have a new project. I have an old cherry tree in the back yard that my wife cut down, a couple years ago. She left a 3’ high stump about a foot in diameter. I’m going to mount an outdoor camera, onto the stump, with a wireless motorized pan tilt, and watch the critters at night. It will be pointing slightly downward, so the PIR range should be perfect.

Yeah, I know, I could use one of my trail cameras. But these are so light, I can use a cheap motorized pan tilt and experiment. My only concern is the limited video capability. I guess I could use one of my V3 cameras too, if I just added a battery.

I have stairs going down, and stairs going up, with a door in between. Currently, I’m covering everything. But now that I think about it, I don’t need coverage for the stairs going up. I just need to cover the door and the stairs coming from downstairs. By the time anyone gets to the stairs going up, they should have been detected. I’m going to try and place the motion sensor about 2’ off the floor, flipped, and only catching door opening, and stairs going down.

Dogs shouldn’t trip the sensor, going down, and if I’m not covering the stairs going up, that should do the trick.