My experiences with WYZE products

My first WYZE purchase was a V2 camera about 6 months ago. Subsequent visits to the local Home Depot were rewarded with “another camera?” from my wife. (She likes them too)
I now have 4 V2 cams, 13 cam pans (pan cams?), a WYZE scale, and two bands which I received about an hour ago.

Compared to the setup I had previously that consisted of 12 AmCrest cameras, WYZE is superior in ease of setup, features, and price.

Typical setup time for an AmCrest camera is roughly 10 minutes (a lot of the time the WiFi setup would fail so a network cable had to be onnected to continue the setup).
I have had WYZE cameras online ready to go in 2 minutes.

WYZE offers a lot of features (motion follow and FREE cloud storage, for example) that are not included with AmCrest cameras.

The AmCrest cameras were about 3 times the price of a cam pan.

I am not an employee of WYZE nor any company associated with WYZE. Your mileage may vary, but a lot of issues can be traced to things outside WYZE control, such as router and WiFi configuration, interference, and occasionally the loose nut behind the wheel.

I am in no way shape or form a network guru and have not tweaked my network whatsoever. Every WYZE product I own works great. I have no issues whatsoever with their products. As many people complain about this and that, you would think with the number of WYZE products I own, I should have had an issue by now. Not one.


So all of us who have ongoing issues with the products are probably “holding it wrong”. That’s really what you’re going with. Alrighty then.

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I bet if you bring your WYZE product to my home, it will work fine.

Loose nut behind the wheel includes sunspots, black magic, and aliens.


In a word: Troll.
Your experience is not representative of everyone elses.
For example - I have a v2, 18 feet from the main router and it has a 20-30% connection success rate.
《 Plonk 》

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I am hardly a troll. Neither am I a fanboy. My experience with WYZE products has always been positive. I am sorry others have a different experience. My point is being misunderstood. I edited the original post. Seems political correctness is everywhere and if someone posts they are having zero issues with a product they are labeled a troll.

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That is disingenuous, extremely. Saying you have zero issues isn’t trolling. Trolling is saying anyone else having issues must be incompetent. That is what the original post here did, and does, as does your reply (“I bet if you bring your WYZE product to my home, it will work fine. Loose nut behind the wheel includes…”) My initial response was understatement.

Asking that people be honest and fair isn’t political correctness. It’s civilization.

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