Cam Pan V3 V4

Since new I’ve had continuing problems with Wyze products. I bought the Wyze vacuum cleaner at 119.99 plus tax. When it started to fail, I started taking parts off. It is now usable. I also took off the sweeper which was about to fall off. Minor issues, it now works held together by gorilla glue.

My huge problem, I want my cams off Wyze servers but still connect to my local only feed. I have a total of eight cam pans. Not being a complainer. The trip to your servers and back is too slow. You have a hi speed system, I do too. I paid for the product, not for surveillance. I could say I live on fed property, subcritions are about to be ruled as invasion. I had early contact with Wyze on many issues. Too numerous to list. One atta boy. The addition of night color. Wyze insistence on making many a buck ruins the product. Recording for prosecution purposes failed one night. It caused me to take action with no proof because not only the features failed, detection, lack of advertized full rotation but the card self erased when it was crucial not to. As you know Spectrum cut out 2g. If a Wyze cam is to connected, You must call Spectrum, asked them to activate 2g which deativates 5g. You must figure out how long you will need to connect eight pan titl cams, give them that number in minutes when the 2 g will go back to 5 g. I don’t know anyone that would pay a subscription as high as a local business like ADT. Moot. Doing business with Wyze has always been a nightmare. I would pay triple for the artificially low price of Wyze products to correct just these problems. Soon, 2g will be phased out. No connection to the router, no connection to the internet, no connection to Wyze. It’s your biz but I doubt if some people want to replace with spying, subscription and all tech problems.

Step one. Tell Spectrum to turn off their WiFi completely and put your own access point on your network. There is no way I would tolerate that BS. Full disclosure, I had Spectrum cable Internet for around eight years and never used their WiFi.

I think your are confusing 2G cellular and 2 GHz WiFi. Yes, 2G (2nd generation) cellular is long gone, but 2 GHz WiFi is not going anywhere. WAY too much stuff uses it.

As far as using your own server, some of the older cameras (V2, original Pan, and V3) have had RTSP available and it does work on those cameras - but only those cameras. There are workarounds for the newer cameras, but I can’t give details (never tried any of the workarounds).

You are right that it’s about 355 degrees as opposed to 360 - or were you expecting continuous (round and round and round as many times around as you commanded)?
Here is one of my V3 Pan cameras. I commanded it to turn until it reached the end of rotation to the left (the upper photo) and then turned it all the way to the right (the lower photo). You can see that it did not quite go 360 degrees, but it’s almost all the way around.

The only time the cameras should self erase uSD card recordings is when the card gets full. When that happens, the oldest hour of recording gets erased. Depending on card size that will be anywhere from days to weeks after that hour of recording was recorded. Note: this description is based on continuous recording to uSD card. If you are recording events only, the oldest hour will be farther back in time. With about 50 Wyze cameras and many over five years old, and all with uSD cards set to continuous recording, I have never seen that process fail - by that I mean having anything other than the oldest recordings being deleted to make space on the card.

Ok. I didn’t know that. Am I right in Wyze will never go to 5.

Question with Spectrum, is the difference one is hardwired, the other, air?

Is 2g and 5g to the router where it stops?

I use to be interested in all this but even one day, the young man will stumble. When I bought the new pan tilt, it was difficult to set up. I bought three.

I started to set them up and they wouldn’t work. I called Spectrum and it was like, a hard answer, yes, we are not using 2g anymore. Hmmm. Wyze only uses 2g.

I looked at my WiFi and I didn’t have 2g anymore. So, he explained the process I wrote. I was able to connect two. They held after 2g went to 5g in the hour he gave me.

Thank you.

I have three of the old pan tilt cams but they were as much a pain as the new.

Actually when I bought them I did think they said 360 rotation. I definitely wasn’t expecting 360 degree rotation.

All I really needed was detect and follow, motion only. I found it’s so unreliable to me it was only good for stationary viewing.

Detection for me is awful. My 0 point is straight out to the street. It skips just as the view that I want is there.

Sometimes I get end of rotation so I have to rotate it 355 then back until it forgets.

The color feature is beautiful. In any case I’ve found the motors quit following, then focus is next.

My main system is 12 years old. I don’t know how many moments they have left. I could hard wire but I’m not the perfection guy.

The SD cards I bought from Wyze so there were no excuses. I have them set to do exactly as you mentioned. The data was there but it said no data.

This was evidence I could have used. Two choices, so the police would have arrested the guy but I wasn’t going to take it beyond that point.

Thank you.

Only Wyze knows that. As I recall, ONE new camera will do 5 GHz (the Battery Cam Pro as I recall). The chipsets are less expensive for 2.4 GHz so I expect most IoT devices to stick with 2.4 GHz unless there is some particular reason to do otherwise.

I don’t understand your question. Again, don’t confuse 2g and 5g cellular vs 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi. On the WiFi side of that, the 2.4 and 5 GHz refers to the frequency range being used for the radio signal (in GigaHertz). 2g and 5g cellular refers to the generation of the technology. 2nd generation cellular (2g). dates back to the early 1990s and is long gone. 5th generation cellular (5g) came out a few years ago. The G in cellular generation has no relation to the frequency in GigaHertz. Just to confuse people, sometimes people will incorrectly shorten the GHz for WiFi frequency to just G.

I’m gonna speculate that you attempted to “Playback” from the Events tab - as opposed to the “SD Card” icon on the camera live view screen. There is a known issue affecting some cameras when trying to use the “Playback” on the events tab. Although I have not heard of the V3 Pan having that problem, it is possible. Instead, try it from the “SD Card” icon on the camera live view page.

Also, I don’t about the current uSD card offerings from Wyze, but in the early days, the Wyze brand cards were garbage.

Actually, this camera is sold/made in China. I had purchased a camera system from a California company and after 2 years it was useless and then Stopped working. I finally got them to refund the $500.00 inhad spent on several cameras and alarm system, I cannot remember the name of that company but the cameras are identical to Wyze. I now only use one Wyze camera, just in case. if you want a real system you can and will have to get better and more expensive cameras.