Help! Power cycle message on cameras

Since going on Beta I get a “Please power cycle the camera” error about every other day. Power cycling the cameras never works (happens on all 6 at the same time) but turning the power off and back on to the modem does. I am going out of town tomorrow and I need these cameras to work. That is sort of why I bought them. Can I go back to the old app without having to reinstall everything? I got zero notifications on the old app but at least that one stayed working? Help!!

I have the same problem. App went down for days and then came back up and 1 camera failed to start it just happens 1 I am on vacation now when I need it the most and 2. It has not come back up THEREBY MAKING IT A GLORIFIED PAPERWEIGHT. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOLD BE GREATLY APPREC IATED

I have mine on wireless smart plug for just that reason. I can power cycle them from anywhere with internet.
I know this doesn’t help you now but maybe for the future? Here’s what I use:
Gosund Mini Smart Plug with Timer Work with Alexa Google Home IFTTT,no Hub Required,ETL and FCC listed Wifi enabled Remote Control Smart Outlet,Only Supports 2.4GHz Network (2 Pack)
by Gosund
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it does make sense thanks for verify that but still does not explain the app problems. It was not working then it was working and now its not working again Timing out. Been that way for 5 days now very fustating can not see a thing