Camera's Down

All of my cameras went down at the same time on Saturday. Error message says to check network or power cycle. My network never went down as we were streaming TV at the time with no issues. I’ve power cycled all the cameras numerous times with no resolution. It’s strange because I had one camera that was unplugged as I was moving it to a new location. I plugged it in this morning and it worked but the other cameras are still down.

Did anyone else have this problem or currently having this issue?

Is the tv hardwired into the network or wifi? Did you power cycle your Wi-Fi source as well? What error is showing after you cycle the power on the cameras?


Also, did you try accessing your cams from an alternate phone/tablet? If not, try it and if the other phone/tab has no problem, reboot the problem phone/tab.


I’m curious does anyone even remotely have to power cycle various cameras in their system daily. I had assumed this would be a self sustaining system with my 9 cameras over 3 properties.
All I ever hear is power cycle, or it’s your network . My network is very stable nothing except these products require these processes not to mention the cameras constantly not recognizing their sd cards. Also cameras showing offline when in fact they are and have been online. I am forced to climb up on the roof to power cycle the cameras Wyze this is not at all what I bought the product for. The cameras from day one have been plagued with many failures across numerous issues and all Wyze says is power cycle check your network. Perhaps you could tell me exactly what network technology your cameras don’t fail on? Maybe you can go power cycle these cameras every day? Not to mention the artifact producing piece of glass inside the lens assembly. That can’t seem to stay clean of course it was just dropped in there and floats around but hey it’s a blast looking at my cameras and seeing at any given moment multiple problems. Every single day. As to the sd card issues I have either Wyze cheap Chinese cards or Samsung pro. Still half of my cameras abs my base stations say the cards aren’t installed on any given day. I’ve spent hours maintaining or attempting to maintain these cameras with never a single moment that every one is functioning as promised. Never folks…I came into this with Wyze cam 1 loved them matter of fact hey seem to be the only cameras that function mostly to spec. Except for the wonderful uv filter fiasco. The technology doesn’t seem to improve over time it seems to get considerably worst. I would appreciate some one telling me they have solved the problems but I suspect I’ll never hear that abs most firmware updates come with additional problems. My point of view regarding the product has painfully changed from very happy and sharing with my colleagues and family to sending out apologies for suggestion products that simply don’t function even close to 50% of the time. Right now the 2 Wyze 3 cams I have at my mother-in-law’s are down she is miles away, has dementia and I have to see her on these cameras. They drop more than they stay up. I’m tired of suggestions requiring me to turn in abs off my technology for these cameras since the problems are never resolved they just go on forever. I would like to know the truth about the product and the constant glitches coupled with the pat power cycle line which by the way solves only temporarily the problem. I have tested my router/gateway and have had it for years with nothing like these types of errors over literally 10-30 devices having zero problems except Wyze technology. If your product is that sensitive or requires some oddball physical approach to keep them
Online I would suggest working on the camera problems you are rolling out tons of technology which based on my experience I will never add to my systems for fear of the same issues that never get answered after hundreds of firmware updates. And it’s super nice that eventually the product runs out of warranty leaving me with a very bad taste in my mouth. The customer support is lacking as well but I don’t get into that it’s just not worth my time. I can say however I have consumed literally in the past year 100 hours of my time power cycling the products leaving ladders near by and my current hourly rate is about 125.00. You want to cover that expense? Didn’t think so. These were supposed to be easy to use stable products and what I have ended up with falls very short of any viable mark of satisfaction. So much so Wyze support ignores me now, thanks Wyze. At least with analog the cameras never had to be power cycled they just worked. I should have kept them. My frustration with the product and the excuses is all I’m left with. So good luck with cameras down mine always are at any moment on any day faultlessly they are always having some issue that requires me to go take them down and temporarily fix the unfixable problems. These cameras are by design plagued with.