All my cameras are down?

All my 18 cameras went down a shot time ago - as in not viewable in the app.

I’ve rebooted the router, but have no issues with the internet

I’ve power cycled cameras

I’ve checked the app in multiple devices

Nothing helps

Is Wyze down?

My cameras are all working.

[quote=“RonEdwards, post:1, topic:181485”]
I’ve rebooted the router, but have no issues with the internet
Do any other wifi only devices have issues connecting? Turn mobile data off in your phone or tablet and use the same wifi as the cameras. Do you get internet signal? Could be your internet provider or something upstream from you.

Edit,. Dang it! I read the internet comment wrong, I thought there was internet issues. The above post can be disregarded. :slight_smile: :man_facepalming:


I had an issue in he past, not necessarily with my Wyze Camera’s, but everything looked like it was working on my side. Turned out my Ethernet switch had an issue which was causing internet connectivity problems. When I rebooted the switch, items came back online, then after about 15 minutes, things started to shut down again. Weird thing was, not all items were down. My summation was that one or multiple Ethernet ports on the switch became defective and was open flooding the network. I ended up changing the switch and my issues went away.

Mentioning this as you can try rebooting your switch to see if the issue gets resolved. I know you are talking wireless here, but when a network is flooded, the main router is trying to keep up with the requests and can take it down as well. Plus if you have access points connected via Ethernet, the issue could be the same.

Can you see if your cameras are getting assigned IP’s?