All 6 cameras offline

So I’m away from home.

Cameras were working fine yesterday - but now I see all 6 cameras are offline.

I’ve cleared cache, I’ve tried viewing in Android, no go, iPad, no go, windows, no go.

I don’t have any software update showing.

All cameras show the cloud with a line through it. If I click any camera it says device turned off and the button to click to turn it in - when I do it says - operation failed, camera not connected.

I’ve gone to each camera on my phone where it says “restart camera” I click that and nothing at all happens at all. Not even an error message.

Does none have any ideas on how I can fix this remotely?


This is likely an internet outage, or someone unplugged the router. Do you have any way of testing the internet to make sure that it is working at this location?

Ugh…so I had someone go by and check my internet, and it’s up and running. I also had them access the one camera that is outside to restart it - they did…still not running.

When I open the app after closing it, the error msg says “-1 failed to update list “

I’m bummed since I use this for surveillance while away. Now I’m stuck bless someone knows a trick?

No idea then. Try restarting your phone, if that doesn’t fix it, maybe wyze support can help you.

Yea I did the phone and app restart right away.

‘Thanks very much for your help.

Maybe Wyze will step in for ideas.

If the individual tested the internet connectivity with a phone, it may have switched to Cellular. Are you sure they were on the actual network at the time?

Also, I have experienced this when my network was experiencing issues as @speadie indicated. Do you have a WCO Camera? Asking because the base station would normally be hardwired to the Router and the camera would connect to the base station via a secure channel. if that is also having an issue, I would look at the router / Modem or simply reboot it and let it sync up again.

Here is why: I had an issue with my Router, years past. The issue was as follows, everything looked as if it was up some of my device was able to get out on the internet, but it was very inconsistent. once I put a load on it, things started to really become flaky. turned out to be a Network Card at one of the accee points outside of my house. they simply moved me to another port at the main box, and everything came up and was stabilized.

If you want to try something a little simpler, you could clear your cache from within the app and log out of the app. Then, if you are on an Android device, you could Force Stop the App and also clear the cache form phone side. Then log back into the app and let it come up. then click on a camera and see if it wakes up.

do you haveplugs ot bulbs as well? If so, do those work?

All cameras are back online.

Even though my internet was up and running - the phones didn’t connect…,then…,all of a sudden they do. So it seems to be an internet issue.


Glad to hear it all worked out.

Totally bizarre evening.

This never happened before. Just as mysteriously as all not working…they all came back online working normally.

All this while my internet was up and running.

I have a feeling something odd was going on with my internet provider connection that they didn’t tell the customers.

Qell thanks such for the help everyone…very scary to be away and the cameras go dark!

When I return home I am definitely going over everything to iron it out.


If you don’t have your cameras plugged into a smart plug, you may want to consider installing a few. Smart plugs will give you the ability to power cycle your cameras even when you’re away from home.

Reads like he had a power cycle and that didn’t fix it. How “smart” is the “smart plug”??

I’ve had cameras (V2’s) go offline for a day or so then come back on. But then since they were 800 miles away I never figured out why.