My cams keep going offline

Intermittently, when away from home I’ll get an error message my cams are offline (and a little cloud symbol), I’m not sure how to fix this because the only suggestions I’ve been given are to make sure I’m using the latest version and update as needed (done), or to travel home to powercycle the cameras. Since that’s the very antithesis of why I purchased cams to see what’s going on at home when I’m AWAY FROM HOME, this is very unhelpful advice. Any suggestions how to fix this, or is this just an issue with Wyze in general that nothing is being done about?

You may want to say which cameras you are using like V3 or OG or V2, whatever. I have not had that issue but I have all my plug in cams connected to smart plugs so I can power them remotely via the app. I have mostly KASA smart plugs but I also have two WYZE plugs.
Maybe it is a Wi-Fi issue causing the cams to go off line.

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This is happening to me as well. I’ve called about it twice and those have gone nowhere. They only connect when I am home on my wifi OR when I am connected to wifi somewhere. If its over my Verizon cellular network it shows and error message that they are offline with the cloud. Its incredibly frustrating.

I’m having the exact same isssue, it started a few days ago, never had any problem before hand and i haven’t changed anything to my setup prior to the issue occuring. There’s multiple users reporting that behavior but I haven’t seen any word from Wyze on the subject.

It’s intermittent, always occuring when i’m not connected to my wifi, so away from home. I can still power off/on cameras, access to playback events, but livestream just sticks to the first step connecting and eventually prompts me with a connection error. Powercycling my wifi gateway does resolve the issue but it never lasts long.

I’m running a mix setup of outdoor cameras (v1 & v2), pan v2 and cam v3, all linked on a Cam Plus Lite plan. They are all up to date on the latest firmwares, running the app on an iPhone 12, version 2.49.2 (2).

I suggest you set up an event to reboot the cameras on a daily basis.

It has been my experience that low upload speeds will cause this issue. What is your upload speed form the ISP?