Entire group went off line and can't start remotely

I’m on vacation and can’t power cycle. I have 5 cams total set up in two different groups. Yesterday all three cams in one group went off line and I can’t power cycle as I’m remote. These are on three different electrical circuits so it’s really unlikely that I’d have three seperate circuit breakers trip. Anyone experience this?

Try doing a Restart Device under the device settings. That uses a different communications channel than the device streaming does.

Thanks. I had tried that with no luck. It times out and then suggests powercycle.

That’s unfortunate. :frowning: When I go on vacation, I have all of the cameras on smart plugs that I want to be able to view remotely. You may try that option for the next time.

In the mean time, you could try force closing the app, and then re-opening it to see if that clears the issue.