Help.... New confused user... need some advice

HI. We bought 2 cam v2’s and started setting them up. I am setting them up on my wife’s IPAD. We set one up at my Father in law’s house, worked fine. Once I moved it to our house we had to reset it up - again (with some assistance) it worked fine on both the IPAD and my fire 7 tablet (we will be using this to monitor the cameras. Once my wife left the house with the IPAD… it stopped working. So… question is - - does the computer that the camera is set up on have to stay where the camera is? We want to set up one at my FIL’s house to monitor him - and one or more at our house to monitor it when we aren’t home… at least that’s the plan… Anyone out there have some advice?


Does your iPad have mobile Internet? If not, was it on someone else’s WiFi when she left the house? Because how would you expect it to connect?

The cameras have to stay on the network on which they were configured. The phones and tablets can be anywhere.

I’d suggest installing the Wyze app on a phone, Android or iOS. This can be in addition to the tablet.

Hi. No - the Ipad does not have mobile internet - the camera was connected to one network, when she got to FIL’s house she tried to view the camera - and it didn’t work. The camera and my fire 7 were both connected to the same WIFI… her Ipad was connected via a different WIFI

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You should be able to setup your cameras on any 2.4 GHz network. You should also be able to view the cameras on the same network or any wireless network as long as you are using the same Wyze account email and password you used to setup the camera.

Is this not working for you?

Does the device that the camera is set up on have to stay where the camera is? No. The camera is not tied to that device.

You have two choices when you want to give multiple people access to the camera:

When you set the camera up on an ACCOUNT (not a device), that account is the ‘owner’. Whoever has access to that account can do ANYTHING they like, including delete the camera. From anywhere in the world that has access to the Internet. So, you only share the user ID and password to that account with trusted users, like those living at the site.

Secondarily, you can ‘share’ that camera with another user ID. Then they can view the camera, but not make major changes to it. Again, from anywhere in the world that has access to the Internet.

Whichever way you choose, the thing to remember here is there is still no way to stop AUDIO streaming, so if you have an indoor camera looking at your driveway, and you share that with someone, that second person can hear EVERYTHING you say indoors. With a V2 you can remove the microphone, but no one has posted a process for the V3 yet. So be aware of that!

To remove a V2 mic:

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Hi Briepage. No - this is not working for me. The camera is set up on one network along with my fire 7 tablet which allows me to operate the camera through Alexa. However, once the Ipad moves to another network, the camera shuts down and stops broadcasting. Both devices are signed in to the same account so this technically should work… yes?

It should. What happens when you try to access it? Does it not load or do you get an error message?