Help! My Garage Door Controller stopped working!

I set this up and it was working great. Fast forward a month, it just stopped working altogether. I removed the device and set it up multiple times, but it is just broken. Did I get a faulty device?

This was part of the Cam+garage bundle. The camera always says disconnected in the app but I can access it just fine. But garage door integration is just busted.

Anyone have a similar experience?

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Does power cycling the device fix this even temporarily?

What’s the signal strength on the camera? (Device info)

What’s your network upload and download speeds?

Power cycling doesn’t fix. I’ve removed and reinstalled the camera + garage several times. Signal strength is solid.

My network down is 800mbps and up is 20mbps. I think my camera and controller just died.

Are you using the power supply and cable that were included with the bundle?

If so, I would contact support and see if they can get you a replacement

Yes, everything set up the way it is supposed to. It was working great when I first installed it, then suddenly stopped.

Sounds like it must be a hardware issue. If it’s less than a year old support should offer you a replacement

Thanks. I’ve submitted a ticket. Waiting to hear back.

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several months of no issues, but same end result. dead. does NOT light up when power (USB) is applied

I have a similar issue. Worked fine for a few months then lost power. I have determined the camera works fine if plugged into the power source without the power splitter. Of course, that prevents the garage door controller from working … which is why I bought it.

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