No Power for GDC

I think the cable/splitter I received for the Garage Door Controller bundle is faulty.
When I plug the cables all in, there is no power to the CAM or the controller. I plugged the cable directly into the CAM and configured it with the app. When I plug in the power cable directly to the controller, the controller lights up.
Can I use separate power supplies for the two devices? I think @WyzeHongfei said that was not OK.

Any suggestions?

Unfortunately, the camera serially connects to the GDC over the cable, so you MUST have the cable. I would contact Support to see about a replacement:


Hey Daniels.dave, sorry about the inconvenience! Please contact the support team and ask them to issue you a new cable splitter replacement ( Wyze Garage Door Controller Cable Splitter - WCGDCCS). Tell them that you already talked to the Product Manager of this product and he told you to do this. Thank you!


What a great customer service experience! Quick phone call with a very helpful Evann. I will post again when I get the cable and have the controller all set up.

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