Help identifying the cause of this sound on live stream?

Experiencing strange static and a constant every 8-10 seconds “chirp” or “beep” similar to that of a heartbeat pulse machine in a hospital. It never stops. I’ve contacted support and we tried everything. Next step is to send them audio which I have now done…

I am unable to post video being a new user but I have it recorded, anyone else ?

It’s a OG cam I just bought.

Edit here is link to video with Audio

Can you upload the video to say YouTube, or another sharing site and link the url here? How are you powering the camera?

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Yea here is the link, thanks for the help

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Is this heard only on recordings or live stream? Or can you heard it while standing near the camera? Sounds like the dead or low battery beep from some radio equipment I have. Is there anything near the camera that could be making this beep? A while ago I think I remember someone had a similar issue and it was found be to a smoke detector in a drawer with a low battery.

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This is heard only from the live stream via my
App on my phone. There is ZERO beep noise coming from
Anywhere in the house that I can hear

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I’ve tried everything that support chat has suggested, I’ve tried different outlets etc and no fix yet

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Are you using the supplied power brink and cord? What actual firmware is on the camera?

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Yes, I even switched power blocks with another one to verify and no change. Firmware is 1.0.71

I am on a 5G router… (xfinity)

Any suggestions?

I’ve had a similar problem with my Wyze cam v2.
It sounds like a static thump at different intervals. I’m getting sound notices.

Maybe try another outlet else where in the house to completely rule out electrical issues. Other than that I’d guess wait to hear any follow up from support. If they think it may be a bug is some sort, they could forward on your info to the engineers for investigation.

I tried multiple outlets, still the same digital “beep” like a dying smoke alarm, but nothing is beeping in the house, also lots of static.