Static loudest sound in playback

When I view playback video static is the loudest sound I hear. I can’t hear voices, conversations or even the tv. It’s on my v2 and cam pans all three. I thought of using the cameras to record bdays, anniversary parties and such we have at the house but if I can’t hear anything but static I’ll need to find another method. Anyone got a fix? I’m open to any suggestions. Thanks.


Hum … my 4 V2s and 2 pans seem to be recording fine.
I’m assuming you have Record Sound is turned on?

Is this a new issue or old?
Don’t know iphones, but have you tried VLC player app for downloaded play backs?

How is the audio during a live feed?
I would think that if your buff speed ever drops to 0 MB/s it will loose audio till it go back up again?

… like all your posts by the way.

I would try make a mic hole bigger and turn up the detection of the mic in app

I would try popping of the faceplate of V2 just to see if there a change in sound.

On mine parents Nest and with the mic high I can hear people across the street talking.

Are you using your cams inside or out, and are you using any kind of case over them?
Second place I would look would be at the wifi itself. Try rebooting your router and see if that helps. You could be having congestion problems or be on a crowded channel.
Next would be the app itself since this is occurring on all your cams. Try deleting and reinstalling the app.
If all else fails Reach Out To Support
Hope this helps. I checked my cams and sound is coming thru well so you do have an issue on your end there.

I recorded a live feed. You can hear static. When my wife talks to my dog you can barely hear it and it’s distorted badly. All cams have. V2 is the worst. I’m linking a pan with my wife talking. You can hear the distortion in her voice. And a v2 in basement that is silent.

try a earbud.
I learn with Nest to use headphone to hear better.
What is the mic setting is at?

The noise is the transistor don’t have the filter. response and gain of transistor

The noise is called white noise. The voice has to over come the white noise.

The sound detection on the pan is set at two and the sound detection on the V2 is set at one. If I set it any higher the static is so loud it’s unbearable to even try to listen to what’s going on

So how do I eliminate the white noise? Because I just did a test with my TV and I had to have it very very loud for it to overcome the white noise. So if someone ever broke into my house I would get a picture of them and we would have no idea what they’re saying or what their voices sounded like. Thanks for any help that will get this fixed because it’s on all three of my cameras.


All cams are inside. No cases over them. I’ll reboot the router and see if that helps and if not I will delete the app and reinstall it. And if that doesn’t work then I will reach out to support. If you get a chance to listen to the videos you can definitely hear the static or white noise is much louder than the background noise.

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I check mine 3 camera and have no white noise. I flip the rubber gasket and flip the faceplate plus remove the clear cover. One camera is running rtsp and other is update. I feel the rtsp is better sound.

I will, but it will be later this eve…

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I looked in to dagfang hack firmware.

I paid for tinycam pro for kindle. I up the mic to 1000%. I will test to see what it sound like.

I took a video with tinycam and the 1000% didn’t show up.

Paindonthurt, did any of those fixes work? Was your problem resolved? I have the same issue, though it seems fine on live stream, but on playback I have the static sound. I am using continuous record on an sd card.


I am having the same issue. Any update on this? Thanks!

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I’m having the same problem with six cameras. Very loud static with static crashes during play back. Reminds me of listening to an AM radio during a lightning storm! It seemed to start with the latest firmware upgrade. Very annoying!!! Two of the cameras are at a remote location running on a hot spot. Has anyone received a fix for this problem?


Same problem for me. Occurred after an update, but I don’t know of it was a camera firmware update or an app update.

This is a Wyze problem to solve. It’s not some imaginary BS or simple fix as so many commenters here are suggesting.


I’m having the same problem during playback. You can’t hear anything but LOUD static. I’m not sure if this noise is going on during the actual event, as it is in the middle of the night. I hope not & if I find that it is, I will not be able to use these camera’s.

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I’m finding the awful Playback static isn’t near as bad when your are in the green “highlighted” areas. I’m doing event recording instead of continuous . I turn the sound off on the camera before I go to playback from live stream. Then I scroll thru the playback recording till I see something I want to examine. Once I’m in the “highlighted” event I turn the sound back on and the static is much less and livable.