WYZE v2 static sound

I have a black wyze v2, When the cam records events to the cloud, the playback that I hear sounds very fuzzy with static.
But when I record the event live to my android, there is no fuzz/static, and the playback from my android also no static.

It’s not the mic, it can record perfectly. When I record to the cloud, I get static. When I record live to my phone, no static. WTF??

Welcome to the Wyze community @bez3971!
Please make sure that your Wyze app is up to date. Please also check that your camera is up to date by going to he live stream, then the settings, then device information, then firmware version. You should be able to update the firmware if needed.
If the issue persists, could you upload a video(camera video or screen recording) of the camera doing this?

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