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I’ve been a (early) Wyze customer and subscriber, and supporter since they first started their company. I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with my “payback” from my hundreds of dollars spent (and continue to spend on monthly subscriptions for services I’ve NEVER received, because my damn cameras WILL NOT connect!! My itsy-bitsy original camera has ALWAYS worked … just as advertised. I LOVE it!! So, I invested many more U.S. dollars to buy other cameras … yeah! After a year of asking for support, I am ready to take all this CRAP “equipment” to Good Will, and get a receipt for the donation!! No wonder Blink, and Ring continue to dominate the home security market … their stuff WORKS!! Each time I tried to connect (like 30 times now, over 6-12 months), I get stopped in the middle … “can not connect … can not connect … can not connect … can not connect”. One can only hear this message for so long … then you want to pack this s&#$% in a bag, and send it back … not for a refund, but rather, the archives of WIZE … under the file of S@#% that did not update to the latest … what, “FIRMWARE”?? ARE YOU GUYS KIDDING ME??? What the F&*#^ is FIRMWARE … and why didn’t you tell me, UPFRONT that your products were ONLY for 30 years, or younger, that knew how to write code?? What the Hell people??
Can SOMEONE … ANYONE get my message to the geeks at WYZE … otherwyze, I have yet again bought into some children’s dream of some kind of building a new company. BTW, you geeks; it doesn’t matter WHAT NEW PRODUCTS you introduce … I can’t operate them, and get anywhere close to my money’s worth, because, at 68, I’m just TOO DAMN OLD!
Thanks for NOTHING WYZE!! Your company sucks when it comes to customer service.

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Age has a mellowing effect. FYI you might want to remove your personal details - this forum is publicly viewable.

It’s also attended almost entirely by fellow users like me, not staff. You’ll need to slow down a bit and ask a specific question so we can try to help. What models are your new cameras? How far from the router (compared to your working original) are they located?

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